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Aahan’s Second Birthday at Katy, TX

Aahan turned 2 on March 2nd, 2012. We celebrated his second birthday with a bash at the Inflatable Zone, Katy TX on Saturday, March 3, 2012. Thanks to all the friends and their families to make this a memorable day for us—it was a pleasure to have you all with us. We had a lot […]

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W turned upside down..M

While riding back home from the Logan Airport, our cab driver told an interesting thing. He had been in the states for 18 years, but never liked it. He knows exactly how many days he has been here..just like a prisoner knows his days in the jail. He said, “In America, you can not trust […]

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India Revisited – Occasion: Rail Budget.

Yesterday Laloo Prasad Yadav, our railway minister announced the 2008 rail bugdet for India. People are excited with the fare cut as well the IT impact on indian rail and lots of other gifts and offers for rural india, as well as AC class passengers. Looking at this in a newspaper, or on internet, all […]

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Whom are we cheating?

Someone shared this email from their HR – to all employees – “Dear Colleagues, I wonder how many of us do this. I have known people who give 3% of their Medical Reimbursement to the medicine shop owner – who will provide them fake bills for medicines, so they can get 30% tax rebate – […]

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From Laziness to Easiness

I was reading a fiction and in one of the scenes, the villain has lost to the superhero, and goes back to his mentor.The mentor says-“I have created a new chemical. If you take a bath in it, it will take two of your biggest weaknesses out of your body.”“What are they?”, the villain asks. […]

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Jungle Raj?

Excerpts from NDTV: “Tuesday, August 28, 2007 (Bhagalpur) A man was beaten up by the public in Bihar’s Bhagalpur district after he reportedly snatched a woman’s chain. His hands were bound behind his back and he was thrashed by the public and the police. The man was then dragged by a motorcycle, with a policeman […]

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Onam and Rakshabandhan

Its been a long time we haven’t talked about Life.This is specially to thank Aveen, Vishnu and Rohini for the first-ever Onam feast i had. It was just great! Once again its the beginning of festive season…Onam and Rakhi are here! Navratri and Dussera just around the corner. Halloween and Thanksgiving are not too far. […]

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hyderabad blasts!! visit for more!

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Where are we going?

Found this great thought on Sandeep’s blog. Its worth readin, worth thinking, and worth sharing. Also, if it does inspire you, its worth taking action.Here you go…(you may goto the url or simply use the embed). Do let me know what comes to your mind after going thru this pps…Thank you. visit for […]

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60 Years in Making

Today, on 15th Aug 2007, we celebrated our 60th independence day. We spent 60 years in the making..the making of India as we see today. Lot of people gave their sweat and blood to make it. Millions of people toil every day to keep it alive, to move it forward, to get it going. At […]

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