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W turned upside down..M

While riding back home from the Logan Airport, our cab driver told an interesting thing. He had been in the states for 18 years, but never liked it. He knows exactly how many days he has been here..just like a prisoner knows his days in the jail.

He said, “In America, you can not trust anything that starts with W”. Infact, most of the problems in life start with W:

Worries, Weather, Web, Weight, Work, Women, Wealth, Will, Who-Why-When-Where?, Waste, Wild, Whore, Wig, Wound, Weed, Whiskey, Wife, Witch, Wand, Wish, Wonder, Wedding, Washington….(Windows Vista some people may say?)

If we turn W upside down- i.e. M- it bring things to cherish. Things that makes life worthwhile –
Mother, Marriage, Money, Mind, Moral, Makeup, Mantra, Mood, Midnight, Match, Mirage, Master, Mango, More!, Milk, Mail, Mouse, Maid, Mecca, McDonalds, Machine, Muscle, Magic…
Mac -Those who said Windows above 😉

What else can you think of?

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