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Infectious Enthusiasm!

One of the qualities for success is enthusiasm. If doing something is important, doing it with enthusiasm is worth it.

Enthusiasm is infectious. No matter regarding what – good or bad – if you are enthusiastic about something, you will get people involved. You will infect others.

I have first handed seen examples of how enthusiasm can drive results, move a team, help in achieving success and bringing people together.

A decade ago, I was part of a project team where we were under a lot of pressure to fix the code that was already delivered to client and numerous bugs were reported. The team was working day and night to get the issues resolved before customer testing went further. In circumstances like those, when whole team is stressed and overworked – a little enthusiasm can go a loooooong way. An act of infectious enthusiasm helped us bring together the team members to focus on one goal, and we were able to deliver the expected results 2 days before the given timeline. I am sure you’d have seen something similar in your career. What was the one thing that was common in such scenarios? Have you seen enthusiasm around yourself, or even better, within yourself – that helped resolve the situation?

Enthusiasm Photo by Mary Taylor

Enthusiasm is like a communicable disease that has no cure. It has no medicine. It is a sweet poison which will make you feel better when you are sick with it. Sometimes you will not know that you are spreading it, but by sheer nature of enthusiasm, it will continue to pass on as long as the person coming in contact with you is not on anti-enthusiasm medication. Some people will find a way to get away from any kind of disease. And i have seen such people who have a shield around them, which will not let them get infected with enthusiasm. They have a shield of NEGATIVE THINKING and ATTITUDE that will not let them think good thoughts and be enthusiastic. Enthusiasm can not go through that shield, and people do not get infected.

That is one of the reasons we forget about our infectious enthusiasm, because every once in a while we have a few people around us, who are shielded. They are vaccinated. And if we stay around them for long, we loose our powers of infection.

What you need to stay enthusiastic is to surround yourself with people who carry this virus. Get infected, spread it and share it. The more enthusiastic you are, more you can spread it. Trust me, it does not hurt! Its an emotion worth spreading.

Go ahead, Spread it. Enjoy it. Enthusiasm is the key to success.

Share your thoughts, and if you believe that enthusiasm is an ingredient in the recipe for growth let me know your experiences…

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