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The Storm Shouldn’t Stop You!

On a rainy, stormy night, a daughter and father are driving in their car. As the rain starts to get heavy and visibility goes down, daughter asks her father to stop and take shelter somewhere. Father says, “Its just a few hours to our destination. Lets keep going”. Daughter keeps driving.

As they keep moving on the road, they see some people parked off the side of the road, not wanting to continue in the storm. Daughter asks, “Dad, can we stop here? See other people are stopped and not driving. It may be too risky”. After a pause, Dad reassures, ” Its not as bad as you think, honey, lets keep going. If its risky, i’ll tell you to stop. Trust me”.

They keep going, driving past a couple of towns, seeing a number of cars stopped on the side of roads, taking shelter under the tree…daughter asks a few more times on the way if they should rather stop. Father has the same reply, “Lets keep driving”.

Finally, after a few hours of drive they arrive at a nice small town, the sun is out, storm is behind them, its a beautiful morning. They have a coffee, eat some breakfast. The daughter asks her father – ” Dad, why didn’t we stop on the way? There were so many people who stopped and they spend the night calmly rather than worrying and driving like me…”.

Father said,

Sweetheart, those who stopped in the storm, are still in the storm. We kept moving, and we are here in the Sun enjoying our coffee.”

What would you rather do? Be stuck in a storm, or take steps to get out of it??

If you have a commitment and perseverance, no storm can stop you! Keep moving in the right direction, and surely, sun will shine on you!

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