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Onam and Rakshabandhan

Its been a long time we haven’t talked about Life.
This is specially to thank Aveen, Vishnu and Rohini for the first-ever Onam feast i had. It was just great!

Once again its the beginning of festive season…Onam and Rakhi are here! Navratri and Dussera just around the corner. Halloween and Thanksgiving are not too far. Id, Diwali and Christmas are just a few weeks away.

All these are nothing but celebration of Life. Celebration to ensure we live in our full spirits, helding our head high and face smiling.

Onam is here, and the significance of Onam is as a festival of spring — it signals the start of the harvest season. Onam epitomizes the newfound vigour and enthusiasm of the season, and is celebrated with traditional fervour in kerala. Like any other indian festival, its celebrated with cermonies in temple, family get-togethers, gifting each other clothes called Onakkodi and lots of merry making.

Rakshabandhan is yet another celebration of love, honesty, caring and the relationships are the essence of celebration. Though now it is considered as a brother and sister festival, it was not always so. In history, rakhi has just been a raksha or protection.

Let’s get into the spirit, energize ourselves, revitalize with the festive aroma around and make it more beautiful world to live.

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