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Whom are we cheating?

Someone shared this email from their HR – to all employees –

“Dear Colleagues,
I wonder how many of us do this. I have known people who give 3% of their Medical Reimbursement to the medicine shop owner – who will provide them fake bills for medicines, so they can get 30% tax rebate – So much for the money!!

I never thought there would be a need to write a mail like what I am writing right now.

It has been found that some of our colleagues have been submitting fake bills post travel. The worst part is, they have not even realised the gravity of this offence.

We do not want to see any recurrence of this type of offence. Please note, going forward, we will be left with no option but to terminate such offenders from services of the organization without notice; indicating the reason for termination. ”

Who are we cheating?

Ultimately its ourselves – If we dont pay taxes, its going to come back to us with the potholes in roads and the waiting for bus service.
There are Legal ways to save taxes which does not need STEALING or CHEATING. I guess Ethics come first.

I have known people who would take office stationery every monday to hoard it and give to their siblings, or kids to use. Some may even be selling it i am sure…

Some people would just go to temple so they can get some good FREE food…rather givings alms to the needy.

Have seen people who will return the 100 gm. of split milk to get a full container..because it split before the expiry date.

Also i know people who will pay for one movie and will stay in the theater whole day to watch other shows for Free.

Where are we going? Sure its the “kalayug”…but aren’t we to decide how we want to make it. All the time we talk about corruption, injustice and all… Aren’t we the one taking part in it?

Think about it…and let me know whether its a choice that we make, or a given.

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