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Is 1 Lac nothing today?

Yesterday while having our lunch in the cafeteria, we were just chatting. One of the friends said “now a days 1 lac is nothing. It has no value” (1 lac is 100,000) I didn’t say anything but wondered. Still wondering, if 1 lac is really nothing? Ask them who have 10000 Rs. annual salary. Ask […]

August 8, 2007   Posted in: Life  4 Comments

Retire At 40

I was reading this article on MSN Money, and it really intrigued me how true it is.The article was about If you can retire at 40 and how? The solutions suggested was quite simple to save 20% of your every paycheck, and put it in an index mutual fund and don’t touch it until you […]

July 18, 2007   Posted in: Life  No Comments

Sabka Problem Ek Hai!

Its not a new question to me -which i was asked again today. Most of my friends, my colleagues and acquintances have asked this question to me …many times…and as always, i answer them, but I am also confused if that IS the right answer. Well i know its right. But if that is right […]

September 15, 2006   Posted in: Family, Life, Success  2 Comments

Are You Content?

I was chatting with Shiv today, and he mentioned the word “Content”. We were talking about a guy both of us know, who is not content. He is happy,not content. Are you content. Is anyone of us content? lets go back to the basics. What makes us content? What makes a life fulfilled? What is […]

August 14, 2006   Posted in: Life  2 Comments

Friendship and the Day

So its friendship day.I am not sure when it started, why it started and who started, but its a good thing to have. I am not very formal kind of a person and sometimes it gets really difficult to convey your feelings if you do not speak up. Ofcourse you feel in the heart, you […]

August 6, 2006   Posted in: Life  5 Comments

New Life

Its been a while i wrote a blog. Almost a week to be accurate. I was in transit. Transitioning from my last job to the new one. Its a new life. New city. New company. New attitude. New problems, and new opportunities. Boston is a beatiful city. Its historical importance, its unpredictable weather, its cosmopolitan […]

July 14, 2006   Posted in: Life, Personal  One Comment