Is 1 Lac nothing today?

Yesterday while having our lunch in the cafeteria, we were just chatting. One of the friends said “now a days 1 lac is nothing. It has no value” (1 lac is 100,000)

I didn’t say anything but wondered. Still wondering, if 1 lac is really nothing? Ask them who have 10000 Rs. annual salary. Ask those who have 1 dress to wear at home and one for office.

For few of us, who have a four wheeler to drive, McD to eat and PVRs to watch movies, 1 lac is nothing. We have a closet full of clothes that adds to more that a lac. May be we have a wardrobe of thouands of rs. that we haven’t looked at in years, any may not wear it anymore.

But, is 1 lac nothing for those who have 4 kids, 1 wife and aging mother who has TB and cant talk for 2 mins without coughing? What about the kid who is staring at you from the shining window glass of your brand new Ford Ikon on which you negotiated a great deal to save 10000 Rs. Is 1 lac nothing for him? For 1 lac Rs. he can get a whole life of good education instead of staring at you while you are swearing at him, the traffic, indian government and the poverty.

Tell me, is really 1 lac nothing now a days?

Retire At 40

I was reading this article on MSN Money, and it really intrigued me how true it is.
The article was about If you can retire at 40 and how? The solutions suggested was quite simple to save 20% of your every paycheck, and put it in an index mutual fund and don’t touch it until you are 40…sounds too good to be true, but calculations say that its a good decision. On an average, the index funds have good returns.

Question is, how easy it is to take out that 20%, and wait for delayed gratification when you can have it now! Again, there are two schools of thoughts:
1. You are young now, you have whole life infront of you. Spend, enjoy, have fun..who has seen tomorrow??
2. No one has seen tomorrow..better save for tomorrow because you never know what could happen.

Both of the streams are right, and its very difficult to choose one. Right? (if its easy let me know how you made it easy 🙂

Anyways, so my questions remains the same..what thought stream to follow? What would you do? Is it true that we write our destiny? and if we do, should we write it now by spending and having fun, or by saving for later?

In Richest Man in Babylon, Author has given a success rich recipe of saving 10%, paying-debts 20%, spending 70%.
So, that makes saving part easier..but again, if you do have debt ..which most of us today have, it makes the things difficult because now you have 30% to save, and only 70% to spend…talk about a shopping spree!

Another way of money management suggested by an indian story is of 25% for all…that means 25% to past – for Debts. 25% for present – thats for spending. 25% for future, means savings and investing. and 25% for charity and giving back to society. I wonder how many of us still believe in society, and giving back to it…but still, this again is a good recipe for success, provided you can stop your hands from going into your pocket everytime you see a new dress on display in the mall.

Give me your frank opinion…what strategy will you prefer of these 3? or, if you have another strategy…please do share. God bless.

Sabka Problem Ek Hai!

Its not a new question to me -which i was asked again today. Most of my friends, my colleagues and acquintances have asked this question to me …many times…and as always, i answer them, but I am also confused if that IS the right answer.

Well i know its right. But if that is right for everyone – each of them?

Here is the question:
I have come to US to earn money. But I miss my family too much. What should I do? Should I stay for 1 year and see, or should i ask my manager to release me and send me back? I am not having peace of mind here. I feel bad. I want money, but I love my family.

My question is:
Why do you want money? They would say “For my family”
Then why do you not want to stay and earn it for them? “I dont like being away from them”
Ok, then what stops you from being with them and earn? “There is not enough potential back home”
Cool..Then stay for sometime and then go back. “I am not happy. I dont know what to do”.

If it does sound to you like a conversation you had with someone, sometime, I bet you did. Its the same situation most of the people – specially those on projects in IT industry – are in. They are in Dillemma. For some people there is no middle way. It has to be one way or the another. A few do compromise but to a little extent.

I am not a guru or anything, but i can certainly provide a few pointers that might help….here you go…

First of all…
Find out your correct purpose. You want to earn money for your family? or something else?
Map your goals (If you do not have goals, first make your goals)..ok, so map your goals to your purpose, and prioritize them…
Does it look like this:
1. Being happy.
2. Being with my family.
3. Being rich
4. supporting my family.
5. Building a good career.
6. Roam around the world…etc…

Or like this:
1. Earn lot of money
2. Build my own home for my family.
3. Roam around the world.
and happiness will automatically come along????

If you have the answers similar to first list, goto the website, and book the first ticket you can find out for returning back home. If you do not listen to you heart, you can missout of many things you should be enjoying NOW ! like having a weekend picnic with your family..
but if you are in the second list guys, then its a very difficult question for me to answer – Practical or Emotional? Decision is yours. And its a tought one i know.

Third…And the most important part:
Decide, And Dont turn back. Whatever you decide, stick to it, fight for it, and make it happen. Whether you want to go back and fulfill your dreams there, or you want to stay to reach your goals and then go back, remember one thing – “Dont get distracted from why you are here. What did you decide? What is your purpose.” Work for your purpose, and you’ll have urself a life worth remembering, worth living.

After all, its all in the purpose of you life. Ain’t it??

Are You Content?

I was chatting with Shiv today, and he mentioned the word “Content”. We were talking about a guy both of us know, who is not content. He is happy,not content.

Are you content. Is anyone of us content?

lets go back to the basics. What makes us content? What makes a life fulfilled? What is it that can make a person feel satisfied.

For me, its different. For you its different. But there are a few things that are commong among us. That is love, sense-of-accomplishment, realization-of-dreams and achieving success.

Please do correct me if i am wrong, but i believe, these are a few things that drive your happiness and satisfaction. I feel content when i reach a goal i have set for myself. But at the same time, i feel challenged to go set my bars higher and reach antother level. This realization of goals, and a inner drive to reach next goal, is what satisties me. If i am on the track, i feel content. If i am not, i feel discontent.

Someone asked me why do you want to fix goals and run behind them while you miss the fun on the way? I think, for me the fun is to achieve what i want to. For me the fun is to chase my dreams until i finally catch up with them. Ofcourse i miss the fun that life provides me – some times. But its no way equivalent to the fun i have.

Our friend that i am talkin about is not content because he is not able to realize his dreams. Thats what i feel. And once his dreams are fulfilled i bet he’ll be content, happy, and delighted.

Friendship and the Day

So its friendship day.
I am not sure when it started, why it started and who started, but its a good thing to have. I am not very formal kind of a person and sometimes it gets really difficult to convey your feelings if you do not speak up. Ofcourse you feel in the heart, you want to thank a friend, you feel grateful towards them, you have all those feelings – but the guts to speak up. Then, there comes the day to say it all- in just a few words -“Happy Friendship Day”.

Friends are the most precious gift God has presented us. Best Friends are the siblings that God forgot to give us. Life would be a hell without good friend’s.

For last one month my friends have been very helpful to me. I don’t think i would have passed that month as smooth as it went without them. They were by my side when i needed them, and they are still there. Infact, the laptop i am writing this blog from is also one of my friends. They are just great.

Along with all these friends, i have one very important friend, infact my best friend- my wife. She is more friend than a wife to me. And that’s something wonderful about her.

Before i end this blog with a wish for my friends, i want to tell you this – Never ever misunderstand your friends. Make sure you keep your promises with your friends, and if you are not able to, say sorry. Just don’t let this relationship with your friends get bitter…Friends are one of the best things in life.

I hope – I wish – All these friends who are a treasure to me remain my friends, and i am able to be by their side when they need me. May God bless them all. Happy Friendship day once again.

New Life

Its been a while i wrote a blog. Almost a week to be accurate. I was in transit. Transitioning from my last job to the new one. Its a new life. New city. New company. New attitude. New problems, and new opportunities.

Boston is a beatiful city. Its historical importance, its unpredictable weather, its cosmopolitan nature, the student community, the millionaires, best institutes…everything makes it more special. I have been here before, but this time, for a longer period.

Just trying to get settled here. last few days have gone by searching a decent apartment in the suburbs. Work has not yet started so its sorta good thing that i have time for personal things to finish.

Life never stops. Boston, like newyork, seems the same way. It never stops. You’ll find people running around, catching trains and buses to reach their destinations, cars in downtown crawl like dead. Its good to see the liveliness of this city. Thought its not comparable to NY City.

This new life has brought many new opportunities, new problems and new solutions need to be found. Need of the hour is to go with the flow and settle for the best..atleast the better.

Found some new friends, new people and new limitations. Everything seems to be new except for the fact that new is costly, and old is cheap 🙂 But there is no free lunch afterall. So i am cooking..lets see how it tastes. so long!