A Dozen And Counting…

Today, Feb 13th 2018, I am celebrating 12 years of my marriage with Pallavi!

What a proud moment !!…for Pallavi because she managed to cope up with me for such a long time…For me because I was able to beg, borrow, steal and somehow managed to have her by my side all these years…for both of us, because we know we are better together!

Life has always been, and I think it will always be a roller coaster. And I think that is the fun part. Where is the fun if life is simple, predictable and plain?

In a roller coaster life there are ups and downs every day. Sometimes, she wins and argument, and sometimes you lose an argument (I know)…and that’s life! The beauty is that we are able to argue with each other on small things, big things, things that matter and things that don’t matter. Sometimes we end up making a fool of ourselves to be fighting over a matter worth nothing…and sometimes we make a big decision in a second when we should be fighting over it…Thats, unpredictable!

To put things in perspective –

Pallavi brings fun to life. I find excuses.
She brings lives to life. I change their diapers.
She brings words to life. I write blogs.
She loves me unconditionally. I wonder why?

Well, I know those who know me also know that I can be stupid at times. Those are the times that you’ve seen. Pallavi sees them every day. And If she is lucky, multiple times a day. But what can I do, its like “Jab saamne tum aa jaati ho, naa jaaniye kya ho jaata hai?…” 

So, going back to the roller coaster, our ride started in 2005 when we first met. We got married in Feb 2006, and ever since we’ve been trying to find out who made the wrong (or right) decision. She is an ideal wife, a great friend and a perfect mom (Don’t ask my son Aahan – he disagrees, but what does he know?). Any ways, with the way of the world and how things turned out, we ended up being away from each other for about 4-5 months. Finally we joined each other in the US in July 2006.

I have so many memories of our life together that this blog post wont do justice to them, but I do want to tell this to you, Pallavi- I can’t live a moment in a day without thinking of you. As i wake up in the morning, i think of your smiling face next to me…before I realize you are still sleeping and then I get to wake you up. Then, I think of delicious tea that I’ll be having with you…but I have to make it first. Then the running around to get ready for school and office…and that occasional argument which sometimes you win and sometimes I lose…well, sometimes I am thinking about those for the whole day, but jokes apart. Delicious breakfast and lunch that you make for me, and if I am lucky, also get to eat that with you. The way you care for me, even though I do not…is amazing! The way you know me, even though I do not, is fascinating. The way you support, guide and motivate me, when even I am not sure what to do – Is breathtaking. YOU, are wonderful. and I am fortunate! to have you in my life.

On this anniversary,  I wish you lots of love, and I hope we’ll have many more dozens of years together…on this roller coaster of love, happiness, fun and unpredictable life!




Ek aur Ek Gyara…mere Yaara!

It may seem like a Govinda movie title, but the movie has been more of a SRK type. It has been a romantic comedy thriller. Well, I am not talking about a movie that I watched over the weekend.

I am talking about the movie of my lifetime. The life of my movie…and the one and only wife of my lifetime. Today, we complete 11 years of fun filled marriage.

A life that has been a roller coaster with Pallavi. It has been fun mostly, sad at times, thrilling on occasions and comedy almost every other day…but overall, its been what they say truly  1+1 = 11…Ek aur Ek Gyara.

One person alone can not do anything in this world, let alone make life fun and living remarkable. With my other 1, that is Pallavi, I’ve been able to do it. She is an amazing friend, an equally wonderful wife, an excellent partner in crime, a loving mom to the kids!!

Pallavi has always been there for me, whenever I needed her. Infact sometimes I wasn’t there when she needed me…and those have been the Thrilling moments, if you were wondering 🙂

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!

What you need in a life partner is someone who’ll keep you honest; someone who’ll show you what you can do and can not do; Someone who’ll cheer you, help you, support you and most importantly, Love you unconditionally.

Pallavi is all that except the “unconditionally” part; I am not kidding. She does all that so very well with just one condition – I should try to do all that even better. She has been trying for last 11 years, but I am not a quick learner. I have my own share of mistakes – those are the comedy days. I hurt her sometimes, which make for the sad times of our movie…but then again, we don’t keep that part long and get right into a situational song and turn around the movie into a fun one!

I know this 1+1 partnership will continue to be one that we’ll remember as a blockbuster and celebrate at each award function. But in this movie, for this year, the award for Best Supporting Role, Best Mom, Best Wife, Best Bahu and the Best Friend goes to Pallavi!

Love you Pallavi, and wishing you all the happiness life can bring….a happy Anniversary!


P.S. > Happy Anniversary Mom….from Aahan and Aayra!



Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!

Sweetheart, on our 10th anniversary, here are some words for you…all the way from the bottom of my heart. I miss you…love you! and Wishing you a lovely anniversary!

तन्हाइयों में बैठे जब अपने आप से सवाल किया,
तो तेरे साथ बीताये हर लम्हे को याद किया..

तेरे दामन की छाँव में , तेरी जुल्फों से खेलते अपने हाथों की उंगलिया भी याद आयीं,
आँखों में थोड़ी थोड़ी सी नमी और दिल में एक दर्द अपने साथ लायी..

हर और बस तेरा ही साया नज़र आता है,
तेरी खुश्बू से ये घर अब भी महकता है….

वक़्त का पता न चला कैसे निकल गया, पहले दिन से इन १० सालों की हर एक बात याद आई,
तेरी हंसी, तेरी मुस्कराहट, और वह जिंदादिल अदा भी अपने साथ लायी..

वह पल जो हमने साथ बिताये, और भी कई बिताना है,
इस सालगिरह पर बस इतना तुझे बताना है…

कोई कुछ भी कहे, मेरा हम साया, मेरा जहान, मेरा जूनून तो हो, तुम ही हो मेरी खुदाई…
बस जब भी चाहा मैंने तुम्हे, तुमसे वही चाहत दस गुना ज्यादा ही पायी!

Half A Decade. And Still Counting.

Today is 13th Feb 2011.

On 13th Feb 2006, i tied knot with Pallavi. Today, we completed 5 years of love, laughter, fun, arguments, fights, smiles, tears, excitement, worries, disappointments, success, enchantment and surprises.

5 years of love because thats what kept us going through all the other stuff – well there was hate too at one or more times, but it was momentary hate, that was destroyed by long lasting love.

Laugther, that originates from every silly thing Pallavi does, or every mistake i make, acted as medicine helped us relieve our pain and tears we had occassionaly.

Arguments seem to be part of life. Actually its the lifeblood of our conversation now, without which probably we’ll not be talking but just giving speeches. one thing that i had learned earlier in my life is that Arguments should be avoided for being succesful in life; I try: but doesn’t work. I have to give in and get into the argument; which sometimes gets converted into a fight; sometimes into surprises, but most of the times into 15$ rose bouquet and a 5$ hallmark card. 🙂 (Smiley is a must here or it could start another argument).

Disappointments have their own place in life, but when you have a life partner like Pallavi those short spans will go away pretty soon and success comes shining. With smiles and excitement on horizon, all sorrows and problems look small, when I am in the arms of my life partner, Pallavi.

Even though i kid a lot, i know in my heart that the I got the better part of the bargain…and i am gonna make the most of it. Looking forward to many more years to come…to enjoy the same love, laughter, faith, trust, excitement, surprises, fun, smiles, togetherness, warmth and above all – marriage!

Many many happy returns of the day Pallavi! Happy anniversary; Wish you all the love in the world – Happy valentine’s day!

Love Will Find the Way…Please Pray!!


Where there is Love, there is a way.

Of course it looks easy, you should choose the first one. But wait, the first one is full of those deligtful things if you have your partner with you..its not a path to be travelled alone. And the decision he has to take is not his own decision, but its a decision of two lives.

I want both of them to understand that its not about them. Its about the other half. Its about the rest of the life that is ahead of them.

When you are in love, and are not able to decide, leave it to your heart. Follow the way it shows. Follow the lights and i bet you’ll get rid of darkness. A decision taken without love is a decision worth nothing. It will only be regretted.

I am praying for them, that they are able to take a right decision which will make them happy forever..and ever. After all, its in the moments of decision that our destiny is shaped.

I am praying for them so they can have the courage to let go the boundations of the material world.

I am praying for them so they can understand the importance of each other in their lives; so they can realize what they will miss being away; so they can realize its not about them…its about love, about life and about humanity.

Everyday a love story succeeds, humanity and love becomes stronger. Everytime a
love story fails, humanity falls weaker.

I am praying so their love story can succeed.

I want you to pray so they can be with each other everyday. I want you to pray, so that love will find the way!!


My morning started with a phone call from a very dear friend. He is in love. He is in dilemma.

He is on a fork on the road and not sure which way to choose. He has two options. One road leads to happiness, success, smiles, love, togetherness and life! Another way leads to loneliness, tears, sorrow and what not. I wish this decision was easy for him.

What is Love?

I know its a question that no one has ever been able to answer. But its worth asking. What is love? What it means? When can you say confidently that you love someone, and when can you say you do not?

It concerns me when i see people breaking up. It concerns me when i talk to friends who are very nervous about commitment. And it concerns me when i know people who are having a hard time finding love, staying in love, and living a happy life.

Is happiness so costly? As Indu (konkana Sen) says in Omkara “Hansi badi mehangi ho rakhi hai zamaane mein”…is it really a big deal to find happiness??

Love is giving..not receiving. Before i go on talking about Love..let me talk about a different kind of Love.
Love- that is between a Brother and Sister. Today is Rakshabandhan, a festival of Brothers and Sisters. A brother loves a sister, even after knowing that one day she is going to go away from her. One day, she will go some place he may not be able to go to meet her. That day when someone else will take her. But the brother still loves her, selflessly. Its even more difficult for sister because she will be away from the brother, will miss him, and have no other option than just cry for a while.

That is love. To love selflessly. Not to worry if you have the person you love with you or not. Distance can not determine the intensity of love. It can just make it easy to miss someone.

Today, think about who you love selflessly. If you do not, think why not? Is there no one who deserves your love? Selfless love is the true love. And as with any good deed, this love will reciprocate itself. And you will get the love you deserve. Spread love in all ways you can, and it will come back to you, all the ways! always!

Happiness is just around the corner if you can start loving someone. Life is all about love and than some more. If you know someone who loves and cares for you, you should be happy instead of being sad that they miss you. If you miss someone, you should be happy that there is someone who cares for you. If someone makes you cry, you should be happy that there is someone who feels for you. No matter what, try to be happy..think the good things, be positive and everything else will fall in place. Love, Life and happiness are all on the same chip. Install it in your mind. And you are good to go!

Love someone. Be happy. Live a content life.

Love is a miracle

I want to share a story of one of my very good friends today. She is wonderful. She has a twinkle in her eyes that can make you feel good no matter how stressed you are, or how bad your day was. She is one girl i have seen filled with immense energy and enthusiasm.

For last few months, she is not the same. The reason is- Love. She fell in love with someone, and both of them had a good time. They enjoyed being with each other. They shared lot of good moments together, they missed each other when away and they were so made for each other. They had all the plans of getting married, but suddenly one day everything perished. Their families wont allow them to get married…and they had to part with each other. It was a terrible day when i heard that. And even today i feel bad for them.

What did they do wrong? It was just love. Love is all you need. Then why? What was their fault?

Love is the power that gives you a ability to do whatever you want. When you are in love, you can do anything. You dont need any help. The only thing you need is the person you love by your side and then you are the king.

But I have faith in God..and God has his own ways of making things correct. Today they are sad, but i am sure they will fall in love with someone else with whom they would share their lives. I am positive their lives will be even better, delightful, romantic, content, successfull and fabulous. All of us want that kind of life; Dont we?

What the secret of getting that life? I say, this oneliner- “Never marry a person you love. Marry someone who loves you.”

If you already love someone, find out do they love you too? Dont wait.
If you know someone who loves you- Go! get a life…what are you waiting for?
And if you are still looking, try harder..love is not easy to get.

No matter what, trust me- you wont regret if you leave everything else for love. In the end, its worth it.