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You are still my Valentine…and always will be.

Some things in life are precious, even priceless. No matter if they are new, or old. No matter if you have gotten used to it. No matter how easy or difficult it is to continue with it. Some things in life, are priceless.

Such a thing is our relationship.

I met you in 2005 for the first time, and knew that you were the one! The special someone that God had created for me. In 2006, you became my better half – on 2/13, a day before Valentine’s Day, and since then, you have been my Valentine.

So many years, months, and days have passed since then, but you seem to be different every day. A new you, a new smile, a new shine on your face, a new aura – all mesmerizing me the same way when I saw you for the first time when we met.

Our relationship is precious, even priceless. Over the years, I have learned to read you. To know when you are happy and when you are sad. When you are pretending to be happy, so it doesn’t hurt others even when you are hurting yourself inside. The way you selflessly serve our family and do all that only you can do. Your superpowers to be a wife, a mom, a sister-in-law, a daughter-in-law, a friend, a teacher, a business partner, and most importantly, a critic – who always has my best interest at heart!

I have loved and cherished every moment of this journey. So, on this occasion of Valentine’s Day, and our 17th Anniversary, I wish you a lot of happiness, joy, fun, and smiles and more such wonderful years to come. Happy Anniversary Pallavi. Happy Valentine’s Day.

On a journey this long, there always are potholes, accidents, jumped signals, and missed turns. I guess it’s part of the plan – if there is no negative, then how can you appreciate the positive?

I know part of me is not the perfect and deserving husband who makes the same mistakes all the time. But maybe subconsciously I just love to get into that fight, or that argument, which will eventually get us back together, stronger, closer, and hopefully add more love and joy to life.

I know I may not be the most supportive when it comes to compromising with my values – and I agree our values differ at times. After all, you think with your heart, and I think with my brain (whatever little is left, I agree)….and that’s probably not the best decision when love and happiness are at stake. I have learned a few lessons along the way, but somehow I always keep forgetting that in the big picture, small things don’t matter.

You have shown me the way life should be lived. You have shown me what’s important and what’s disposable. I envy Jeff Bezos & Bill Gates for being the richest men in the world, and for building Amazon, and Microsoft – but then I realize that the love of their lives is not by their side. So when it comes to choosing between building the next big thing, being the world’s richest person, or spending time with you – I’ll always choose you. (and this is not an excuse for not doing those things – I know with your support and love I’ll do that too – just not today).

If I had a gratitude wall, I’d be writing about all the things you do to bring joy to our life from morning till night. How you cheer me up when things don’t go as planned. How you help me see the silver lining when I am doubtful? How you keep pushing me to become a better version of myself – professionally, personally, spiritually. I can not thank you enough for always being on my side even when I am wrong. There are probably many things about you that I do not like, but I am grateful that for every one-such-thing, there are a hundred others to die for!

Over the past two years, how you have juggled multiple family and office responsibilities, while still keeping your calm; still having the best and healthy food on kids’ plates after a long day of work; Entertaining friends and family amid festivals, Go-Lives, field trips and flu shots! Only a superhuman can do what you do!

I am rambling on here, just to let you know that I feel I am not perfect for you with all my conflicting priorities, entangled goals, and dilemmas between modern or traditional values that don’t match – but I know this – You are perfect for me. I could not have asked for more – you are the answer from the universe when I ask for happiness. You are the answer for me, when I ask for love. You are the answer for me when I ask for Life! And as I firmly believe, the whole universe conspired to bring you to my life – cause I desired you, only you!

So, tl;dr – Always be mine – my better half, my valentine, my love, my life, my wife – and I’ll always be yours. Wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!

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