HCL O2 Awards Ceremony in Sunnyvale Office

Yesterday evening we had a small ceremony at the HCL Sunnyvale Office. HCL O2 awards winners were invited with their families for Vineet Nayar’s address to the achievers and a dinner.

It was a fabulous evening with some of the best HCLites (including me :-). Here is a pic of Pallavi and myself taking award from Anoop.


Raghavan took this nice picture – thanks to him!

Are You Satisfied with your job?

Yesterday i went to the DMV for my drivers license examination.

This was my 3rd time in DMV. I saw the same person at the reception, handing over numbers to people in the queue. What was his job? To ask every person why there are at DMV today, give them the appropriate form, and a number to wait. Then, onto the next person.

Watching him do this very religiously, i couldn’t help but wonder – Is he satisfied with his job? I mean, if i ask you to stand/sit at a place from 8 to 5 with occasional breaks, and hand over some forms to every other smiling or whining face you see…would you do it? for money? for what?

Personally, i wouldn’t do it. Sometimes in my current job also i get this overwhelming feeling of unsatisfaction. It doesn’t last long because i keep rationalizing on how important this is for me, my career and my family. And probably, me too, is wrong. But the question is not whether we are wrong or right, the question is: Are we satisfied?

What would satisfy you in your job? Good work? Good team? Good Money? Goodwill or Good benefits package?

Everyone has a reason to do something. Some reasons are valid, some are just nothing but rationalization. I guess i have had few of both. What Have you had ?

How to stay positive in todays environment?

Its a no brainer – everything is falling apart now a days. Every other person i meet has a story about a friend who was fired or laid off. Everyone i know knows somone whose visa got rejected. Every other day i hear about a project getting scrapped or postponed forever.

Some of my very dear friends lost their job this week. I felt very bad when i heard about it. These are people i worked with for last couple of years and was very greatful to have them as my team mates/colleagues. Today, they are gone.

Some of these people had great expectations from life. They invested in their personal and family life to make the most of it – and all of a sudden this blow must have shattered many of their dreams; If not for long, for short time ofcourse.

How long this will go on? I have not Idea. Is there a solution to fix this? Everyone is searching for one. What can we do? Yes, that i can tell you.

The only thing we can do in this environment and current situation is to have faith and confidence. Every once in a while -whether you believe it or not- God tests us. He wants to see how we perform against all odds. He wants to confirm if we still believe in him, and in ourselves. I am sure you must be feeling the pain of this situation in one or the other way, but this too shall pass.

Recently, many companies have done a salary cut including mine – but that does not mean we should be fearful of whats going to happen next? Whats going to happen will happen – You have not control over it. What you can control is how you react to it, and how can you make the best of it?

In my conversation with friends and family i always tell them that Job is not secure. It is the farthest thing from security – in the bad times. In good times ofcourse you love a 9 to 5 job which helps you pay bills, go on vacations and enjoy life to the fullest. But in the bad times, the entreprenuer in you start to kick you. What are you doing waiting for something to happen? Why do you like to be a puppet in someone’s hand? Why do you keep falling for the wrong stuff? Go, do something yourself and see how this world can stop you?

Friends, i can talk for long on this topic but that wont be justice to your important time. If you are reading this, i just want to tell you one thing – Have Faith in Yourself, and Trust in God. Things will get Better.

Who says that you can’t make a hole in the sky? Just throw a stone with all your might….

कौन कहता है के आसमां में सुराख़ नहीं हो सकता, एक पत्थर तो तबीयत से उछालो यारों!
(Kaun Kehta Hai Ke Aasmaan Mein Surakh nahi ho sakta, Ek Patthar To Tabeeyat Se Ucchhalo Yaaron!)

Barack Obama- President of the United States. This is Where Change Begins!!

What happened in America? This above video tell the story in few minutes – the story that lasted months with a delightful historic end – Barack Obama Elected President of the United States of America.

This video will tell you what happened in a very interesting way. Baracak, Hillary, Joe Biden, John McCain, Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin everyones here..chk this out.

A Koffee With Karan!

Yes. This picture is not a photoshop wonder…i actually met Karan Johar, when he was heading a panel discussion at the Harvard Business School here in Boston.

The event was part of the SABA-HBS India Conference, a full day panel discussions and keynotes from India Leaders in various business and entreprenuership.

Karan was in the panel for “Media and Entertainment in India – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.” Taking a quick snap on Hollywood, he said “Our movies have mothers, not therapists.” He went on to mention how Indian film industry have changed over the years and how some of my favorite movies (and i think yours too) have made it happen. Dil Chahta Hai, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Lagaan, Rang De Basanti, Chaandni Bar, Taare Jameen Par have changed the Indian film industry. He expects that we send TJP to Oscars this year, and the indian bearaucracy does not interfere again to send some wrong film. On business side he lightly said, “I dont understand business. For many years i thought Sensex is some birth control pill!”.

Also in the conference were Vivek Paul (Ex-Wipro CEO) , Ravi Venkatesan of Microsoft India, Jaspreet Bindra, Abhi Shah, Sumant Sinha of Aditya Birla Retail, Bhaskar Das of Times of India, Sanjay Reddy of GVK infra and many more.

Vivek Paul mentioned many life stories in his keynote and how he turned around the Wipro as an outsourcing organization.
His anecdote of an Elephant who is tied with a chain to a small wooden plank off the ground was interesting. When asked why the elephant, being so giant, does not pull off this chain and piece of wood the owner replies, ”

This elephant has been tied to this chain since it was a little elephant. It
tried then, and was not able to breakthrough. Now its part of its mentality that
this barrier can not be broken”

Same is the case with India – We are bound by our own mentalities – rather than the environment. We have to come out of it and get ready for a new world.

India is changing- And it will change the whole world with it. ARE YOU READY FOR THE CHANGE???

Happy Birthday SRK

Its Nov 2nd. Its SRK’s B’day. Those of you who already know great! Those who dont, SRK is Sharukh Khan – The King Of Bollywood.

Though he is being charged by a mumbai court for chain smoking, he will always be our favorite for the chain of great movies.

Happy Birthday Shahrukh!!

Sabka Problem Ek Hai!

Its not a new question to me -which i was asked again today. Most of my friends, my colleagues and acquintances have asked this question to me …many times…and as always, i answer them, but I am also confused if that IS the right answer.

Well i know its right. But if that is right for everyone – each of them?

Here is the question:
I have come to US to earn money. But I miss my family too much. What should I do? Should I stay for 1 year and see, or should i ask my manager to release me and send me back? I am not having peace of mind here. I feel bad. I want money, but I love my family.

My question is:
Why do you want money? They would say “For my family”
Then why do you not want to stay and earn it for them? “I dont like being away from them”
Ok, then what stops you from being with them and earn? “There is not enough potential back home”
Cool..Then stay for sometime and then go back. “I am not happy. I dont know what to do”.

If it does sound to you like a conversation you had with someone, sometime, I bet you did. Its the same situation most of the people – specially those on projects in IT industry – are in. They are in Dillemma. For some people there is no middle way. It has to be one way or the another. A few do compromise but to a little extent.

I am not a guru or anything, but i can certainly provide a few pointers that might help….here you go…

First of all…
Find out your correct purpose. You want to earn money for your family? or something else?
Map your goals (If you do not have goals, first make your goals)..ok, so map your goals to your purpose, and prioritize them…
Does it look like this:
1. Being happy.
2. Being with my family.
3. Being rich
4. supporting my family.
5. Building a good career.
6. Roam around the world…etc…

Or like this:
1. Earn lot of money
2. Build my own home for my family.
3. Roam around the world.
and happiness will automatically come along????

If you have the answers similar to first list, goto the website expedia.com, and book the first ticket you can find out for returning back home. If you do not listen to you heart, you can missout of many things you should be enjoying NOW ! like having a weekend picnic with your family..
but if you are in the second list guys, then its a very difficult question for me to answer – Practical or Emotional? Decision is yours. And its a tought one i know.

Third…And the most important part:
Decide, And Dont turn back. Whatever you decide, stick to it, fight for it, and make it happen. Whether you want to go back and fulfill your dreams there, or you want to stay to reach your goals and then go back, remember one thing – “Dont get distracted from why you are here. What did you decide? What is your purpose.” Work for your purpose, and you’ll have urself a life worth remembering, worth living.

After all, its all in the purpose of you life. Ain’t it??

Infectious Enthusiasm

I almost forgot about it. One of my friends reminded of it, and so i decided to write something. Enthusiasm is infectious. No matter regarding what – good or bad – if you are enthusiastic about it, you will get people involved. You will infect others.

Enthusiasm is a communicable disease. It has no cure. It has no medicine. It is a sweet poison which will make you feel better when you are sick with it.

But some people will find a way to get away from any kind of disease. And i have seen such people who have a shield around them, which will not let them get infected. They have a shield of NEGATIVE THINKING and ATTITUDE that will not let them think good and be enthusiastic. Enthusiasm can not go thru that shield, and people do not get infected.

That is one of the reasons i forgot about my infectious enthusiasm, because i have a few people around me who are shielded. They are vaccinated. And if i stay around them for long, I will loose my powers of infection. They will become penicilling for me. God does not want that, and so he sent me a doctors advice. Thanks to my friend for being a Hanuman for me and remind me of the powers i have.

My enthusiasm has helped me a lot. In achieving things, in reaching places, in creating success. Even making new friends. I wish i can stay the same, and be more enthusiastic in future. I wish to infect more and more people every day, so that they can go and infect others. After all enthusiasm and energy are the things that make this world moving.

Go ahead, Spread it. Enjoy it. Enthusiasm is the key to success.

A f r a i d – o f – M i s t a k e s ?

So i had this big meeting today..people with experience of 30+ years. People who see problems day in day out and solve them.

But today, i saw them creating a problem. They were afraid to make mistakes. They were trying to defend themselves. The speaker made a mistake – one of the audience pointed it out – and speaker had a real hard time accepting the mistake. His body language made it clear he was not prepared.

Why are we afraid of making mistakes? Are not mistakes just part of the learning process? Ofcourse i am not saying to make mistakes repeatedly, but once in a while, when you are new to it, its ok to make mistakes. Its more important to learn it and not repeat it. Think of it as if you have are entering a password..once wrong..its ok. You can try again. But if you enter the password wrong 3 times, you are locked! you account is no more accessible to you.

Same is with life. It will give you a chance for sure. You can make a mistake or do it right the first time. If you made a mistake, dont worry, learn from it and correct it. But if you repeat the same, you may be locked out, and life may stop throwing opportunities your way. So its always better to learn, and correct.

Take Charge. Take Control. Make it happen. But never be afraid of making, and accepting your mistakes.