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HCL O2 Awards Ceremony in Sunnyvale Office

Yesterday evening we had a small ceremony at the HCL Sunnyvale Office. HCL O2 awards winners were invited with their families for Vineet Nayar’s address to the achievers and a dinner. It was a fabulous evening with some of the best HCLites (including me :-). Here is a pic of Pallavi and myself taking award […]

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Are You Satisfied with your job?

Yesterday i went to the DMV for my drivers license examination. This was my 3rd time in DMV. I saw the same person at the reception, handing over numbers to people in the queue. What was his job? To ask every person why there are at DMV today, give them the appropriate form, and a […]

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How to stay positive in todays environment?

Its a no brainer – everything is falling apart now a days. Every other person i meet has a story about a friend who was fired or laid off. Everyone i know knows somone whose visa got rejected. Every other day i hear about a project getting scrapped or postponed forever. Some of my very […]

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Barack Obama- President of the United States. This is Where Change Begins!!

What happened in America? This above video tell the story in few minutes – the story that lasted months with a delightful historic end – Barack Obama Elected President of the United States of America. This video will tell you what happened in a very interesting way. Baracak, Hillary, Joe Biden, John McCain, Bill Clinton, […]

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A Koffee With Karan!

Yes. This picture is not a photoshop wonder…i actually met Karan Johar, when he was heading a panel discussion at the Harvard Business School here in Boston. The event was part of the SABA-HBS India Conference, a full day panel discussions and keynotes from India Leaders in various business and entreprenuership. Karan was in the […]

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Happy Birthday SRK

Its Nov 2nd. Its SRK’s B’day. Those of you who already know great! Those who dont, SRK is Sharukh Khan – The King Of Bollywood. Though he is being charged by a mumbai court for chain smoking, he will always be our favorite for the chain of great movies. Happy Birthday Shahrukh!! visit for […]

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Sabka Problem Ek Hai!

Its not a new question to me -which i was asked again today. Most of my friends, my colleagues and acquintances have asked this question to me …many times…and as always, i answer them, but I am also confused if that IS the right answer. Well i know its right. But if that is right […]

September 15, 2006   Posted in: Family, Life, Success  2 Comments

Infectious Enthusiasm

I almost forgot about it. One of my friends reminded of it, and so i decided to write something. Enthusiasm is infectious. No matter regarding what – good or bad – if you are enthusiastic about it, you will get people involved. You will infect others. Enthusiasm is a communicable disease. It has no cure. […]

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A f r a i d – o f – M i s t a k e s ?

So i had this big meeting today..people with experience of 30+ years. People who see problems day in day out and solve them. But today, i saw them creating a problem. They were afraid to make mistakes. They were trying to defend themselves. The speaker made a mistake – one of the audience pointed it […]

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