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5 Songs to start your new year with!

Music has a special place in life. It also has the power to change your mood, make you take certain action, and in many instances – lift you up!

Here are 5 songs that I think you should listen to as you start your new year. These songs have melodious music, and more importantly, the words that will motivate you to take action! forget about the misses and losses of past year, and help you get started with the new year on right foot.

So without further ado, here you go!

First one is my favorite from movie Dangal, sung by Daler Mehandi. This has so many messages in its lyrics that if you hear it, every time you’ll get a kick and a new sense of motivation.

My favorite lines are these:

Tthos Majbut Bharosa, apne Sapno per rakhna. Jitne Muhn Utni baatein, gaur kitno pe karna?

“Have strong faith in your dreams. People, naysayers, will keep saying things – Don’t bother. Show them your success…”

Next one in the list is from Mr. India – in the voice of legendary Kishore Kumar. “Jindagi ki yeho reet hai, haar ke baad hi jeet hai…

Third song in the list of 5 songs you must listen as you start the new year is “Madhuban Khushboo deta hain, saagar saawan deta hai, Jeena uska jeena hai, jo auron ko jeevan deta hai…”

Song #4 on the list is “Tum besahara ho to, kisi ka sahara bano…Tumko apne aap hi sahara mil jaayega…”

and last but not the least is my all time favorite from the blockbuster movie Lagaan – “O Mitwa..” specially the words – “Sach aur Saahas hai jiske mann mein, ant mein jeet usi ki rahe!” meaning the one who has courage and truth in their heart, always emerge victorious in the end!

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