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eClothing : What if you could just download your killer look?

(Republished from LinkedIn. Originally published on March 20, 2019)

Have you ever thought of something all of a sudden, and just then – realized it was too weird to think about it?

Has it happened to you that a bizarre thought came into your mind, may be out of the blue, or may be part of other conversation – that made you think What if this was really possible? What if this could really happen? What if?….

Well, it happened to me just a few hours ago, so I thought I must share it here with my Linked In community and seek their thoughts, opinions and comments…

I was talking to my wife on our drive to Costco when we started going over our shopping list for home and other things we need to buy. One of the things on the list was clothes. As we started chatting, I said something that you probably don’t want to tell your wife. Well maybe you do, but you still don’t…but being a logical person, I couldn’t resist…So, I remarked that maybe we have too many clothes and maybe we don’t need to buy more clothes just for today. Now, my wife’s argument was that if I was getting books at a discount, wouldn’t I go and buy them too, even if I had too many books?

I told her, “I have stopped buying books a long time ago – I only buy eBooks or Audiobooks now – so don’t you even go there…”

And that’s when It hit me – What if – just like we have ebooks that can fit in our phone or our pen drive, we can read it when we want – we can download whichever book we want and change our mood, our thoughts, just by changing the book we are reading…What if, we had some chip, some device, some mechanism of having e-Clothes!

What If, Just like eBooks, we had e-Clothes?

You don’t need to carry a suitcase, you don’t need a walk in closet, you don’t need dress hangers…all you need is a memory stick and a chip – you press a button, you go to the app and select the style – and your body is all of a sudden wrapped in that dress – for the people surrounding you. You may be wearing your pajamas or your shorts – whatever makes you feel comfortable for the weather – but people who are looking at you, see the e-dress that you “downloaded to wear”.

Something like the invisible cloak from Harry Potter, except that its a visible cloak that just changes as you wish it to change!

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What if that was possible? You can change clothes in an instant – You can keep your wardrobe with you in your e-clothes drive, and with the click of a button, your getup is changed.

What if we could get out of our home in your pajamas, get into your suit for that morning meeting with a client, then change into your casual gear while you run some errands, then back in your formals for a day in the office before getting back in your date night suite – of course you have got to wear your perfume as those PJs are not going to last long – but just imagine the possibilities!

You can probably download the captain America e-dress and get in some fun mode with your friends and family…and how easy will it be to return the clothes you don’t like without even getting in a return line or shipping a box back to Macy’s.

It could be a device like a necklace that you wear, and it projects the e-dress that you want around your body as a hologram that gives the impression of you wearing the clothes to others – while you know you are wearing e-Clothes!

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Well, I know it’s a weird thought…but the way technology is changing everything today, maybe it’s not that far off from reality – maybe, one day….In the meantime, while technology catches up with our desires Just imagine…What If??

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