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7 Colors of the rainbow – that’s who you are!

I still remember the day I brought you home from the hospital. You were a fluff of air, light as a cloud, a bright twinkle in your eye as a star, and a cute smile on your face that would take away all worries from anyone.

You were the joy of this family then, and today, after 7 years, you are still the joy of this family. Happy Birthday, Aayra!

How much has changed in these 7 years? From a cuddly baby who could not talk, walk, or sing, you have become the shining star of our lives.

You bring the seven colors of rainbow to our lives – your always smiling face can cheer anyone up. Your high flying Taek-won-do kicks can scare any one and make us feel safe. Your dance moves are out of this world. Your singing of “I am your mother” is hilarious. None other than you, cowgirl Aayra, can ride a horse like you do!. Your hugs and kisses are the best part of our day. and most importantly, seeing your face in the morning after getting up, and in the night before going to bed are the two best moments of our day.

Aayra, wish you a very happy birthday. May god bless you!

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