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Home Academy USA – Affordable Education and Summer Camp for Kids

If you are thinking of enrolling your kids for a virtual (online) summer camp this year, and not sure about where to go, try Home Academy USA Summer Camp offerings. Its an affordable education and summer camp for kids in elementary and middle schools.

Given the Pandemic situation still not fully under control in many parts of the world, Kids are having to choose between online studies and schools. In 2020, lot of kids fell behind their grade level due to lack of attention on their part and parents inability to help because of their own challenges.

Student Grades Have Fallen in 2020-21

As per various report, Students’ grades for the 2020-21 academic year are being recorded and we are seeing stories from around the country about an unprecedented rise in F’s.

In Maryland: Failure rates in math and English jumped as much as sixfold for some of the most vulnerable students in Montgomery County, the largest system in the state. — The Washington Post

In Texas: Students across the greater Houston metropolitan area got F’s at unprecedented rates, with some districts reporting nearly half of middle and high school students failing in at least one class. — The Houston Chronicle

In North Carolina: 46 percent of students in grades three through 12 in Wilson County Schools failed at least one class — more than double the rate from the same period in fall 2019. — Associated Press

In Virginia: Fairfax County Public Schools, the largest district in the state, reported that the percentage of middle school and high school students who earned F’s in at least two classes jumped from 6 percent to 11 percent. — The Washington Post

How to get better grades for kids?

So, what is the solution? Ofcourse, the only way to get them back on track is to provide additional educational support and also mental help to keep them calm, and prepare for the next school year. The challenging part is also for kids moving from Elem to Middle, and Middle to High school as that transition has been remote for many of them and will be challenging if they go to the next level unprepared and nervous. Teachers and Schools have done their part. As a parent, its now our responsibility to help the kids bridge that gap. It can be challenging for working couple to take out time from their day to help kids with school work and learning, when they would rather spend quality time having fun with the family.

Home Academy USA comes to the rescue, with their affordable, unique and engaging model for kids of all ages and grades.

One of the solutions that Home Academy USA has come up with is to limit the number of students in their group classes to 4. This gives enough time for the teacher to focus on each and every student – whereas in the Public school online classes, a teacher has 15 students and can’t cater to every student’s needs.

The Summer Camps are 8 weeks long, lasting 1 month duration. Each summer camp has a competition that will give kids an opportunity to showcase their learning and win prizes at the end in the form of Gift Cards and Online goodies.

Here are some of the highlights of Home Academy USA’s Affordable Summer Camps for Kids grade 1 thru 9.

Fiction Writing Summer Camp – Online Summer Camp for learning to write like your favorite authors

  • Basic rules of writing
  • Rules for writing fiction
  • Different kinds of Fiction
  • Short-story writing
  • Learn about making a plot
  • Mini Creative-writing competition
  • Attractive Prizes at the end for the winner of Competition.

Online Summer Workshop for Advanced Math- Learn Algebra.

  • Integers on a Number Line
  • Algebraic Operations on a Number Line
  • Learn about Algebraic Expressions
  • What are Algebraic Equations?
  • Equations with Single Variable and double variable
  • Data Sets and their representation
  • Competitive Quiz
  • Attractive Prizes at the end for the winner of the Quiz

Online workshop on Space Exploration & Science

  • Various Concepts of Science that impact us everyday
  • Science Experiments
  • Being a Scientist: Virtual Interaction with a Real Scientist
  • Learn about Human story of Space Exploration and it’s evolution
  • Space Visionaries of our times: NASA, SpaceX, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic etc.
  • Possibility and Science behind Space Tourism
  • Attractive Prizes at the end for the winner of a competitive Quiz

For working parents who don’t want the kids to be left behind, its a worth investment of $99 to get their kids curious, and learn new concepts, brush up old concepts and get ahead in the competition.

You can Enroll your kids for a FREE online tutoring Sessions to learn if its a service that you want to use, and does your kid really enjoy the Home academy USA’s virtual tutoring sessions.

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