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From Laziness to Easiness

I was reading a fiction and in one of the scenes, the villain has lost to the superhero, and goes back to his mentor.
The mentor says-“I have created a new chemical. If you take a bath in it, it will take two of your biggest weaknesses out of your body.”
“What are they?”, the villain asks. “They are your fear and laziness”, replies the mentor.

I was amazed. I mean how glad would i be if someone gave me that chemical. I’ll bath twice a day. Fear is ofcourse something that comes over you once in a while. But laziness…everyday. More than me pallavi will tell you how lazy i am. Most of the times i wont argue or reply to her, or even fight with her, just because i am lazy.

Anyways jokes apart, my point is if we had such a thing which could take away your fear and laziness, wouldn’t this world be a better place to live in? Every once in a while we dont do good stuff (or even bad for that matter) because we are lazy. Leave exercising alone, but you wont even reply to this blog, or comment on it because you are lazy. Aint’it 🙂

Fear is one of the biggest enemy anyone can have. Fear of poverty, fear of insult, fear of falling down, fear of losing it all….all these fears make you not do the things you should be doing to get ahead in life. Fear and Laziness go hand in hand. We dont complete one task because of fear of getting another. Right? And that makes it our habit. Habit of laziness.

Its a vicious circle and you dont realize it is, until one day, it comes back to haunt you in the face and then you are afraid of doing anything. Fear of change.

Fear and Laziness are the 2 biggest obstacles on the path of success. If you want to move ahead in life, must get rid of all kinds of fear. Fear is nothing but a state of mind, and once you change that state – you are invincible – you dont have any fear. You can do anything because you dont have fear of losing, and that makes it easy for you to do things, and makes you more active- not lazy. Solving one problems will solve the other.

Fear not. Live Free, be active. And i am pretty sure, you’ll get what you want. Amen.

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