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How to organize a surprise birthday party for your spouse?

When it comes to birthday parties, a surprise party makes the day more special and memorable. A regular party is good, but a surprise party – with unexpected venue, or activities, or even unexpected guests can make the day more memorable. A lot of people find it difficult to throw a surprise party because its not easy to keep a secret. Specially if you are inviting guests that you meet everyday, its possible that someone may say something, or hint at something that will make the surprise obvious. In this post, let me help you with some of my experiences on how to organize a surprise birthday party for your spouse.

Before I tell you the tips and tricks – first and foremost – the person that you are throwing the party for, must be special. Lets say in this case, its your wife. (or husband, if you are the wife).

She must be so special that if you are left alone on a deserted island with her, you should be happy and need not worry about anything else in life. This special someone should be close to your heart and part of your life. She should make you happy, no matter what. Even if she is angry, you should be happy that you are able to enjoy her anger and learn patience from it. If she is sad, you should make yourself available to her to share the sadness, the reason for sadness and come out of it together to be happy again. She must be part of your life goals. If you have achieved something, you should be proud to say that you did it because of her. She made your life easier, and that is why you could do all that you do.

So, before I tell you about how to organize a surprise birthday party for your spouse – first confirm that your special someone, your spouse, fits this description. Let me tell you – my wife, Pallavi, fits the details, and that’s why, I enjoy throwing a surprise party for her every time I get a chance. The catch is, she is too smart, and she always finds out before the party.

But this time, I was able to pull it off – with a lot of help from her friends – and this, is her story!

Today, July 12 2021, was her milestone birthday. A moment I wanted to celebrate with her, and carve in her memory that she will always cherish and remember. We have been home for over 1 and a half year now due the pandemic with very limited social gathering – but at the risk of mild Covid for vaccinated people I decided to go all out. Covid can come and go, but this milestone will not come again. (I know those who came to the party are now thinking – WHAT!!!! but seriously, I made sure everything and everyone who came to the party was safe. We will find out in 15 days).

Her dream Milestone celebration would’ve been to spend time with friends and family, go to Vegas, play some roulette with her girlfriends, go out and have fun. Now, with the whole pandemic situation and kids, neither us nor the friends were very excited about this idea.

Again, if the person you want to throw the party for is so special to you, you make things happen! and so we did!

Thanks to her friends, Komal, Krina, Prerna, Harsha, Sonia, Simran, Shraddha & Anu, she had a fun ride across town, dancing to Bollywood music and laughing all the way with friends. As anyone will tell you about Pallavi, she enjoys being with friends. And what better way to spend your special day, then chatting and having fun with friends?

Pallavi is a cheerful girl and she loves a good laugh. Her friends made her day special with their surprise limousine arrival and taking her out to paint the town!

She was looking amazing in that sash and tiara, like a Miss India walks on the stage. I am sure Aiswarya Rai would’ve looked the same when she walked on the stage for crowning of miss India. My miss India, Pallavi, is beautiful and graceful, and she has a kind heart, just like any other miss India. Other miss India’s use their price money to feed the hunger in Africa – but my Pallavi feeds three hungry people in her home every day, with love, and without complaining. Specially, in the last one year, she has been relentlessly cooking, and cleaning and doing it all over again every day. (I am no help in cooking, by the way). She did deserve a special treatment!

So, going back to the party, once the limo ride was over, Pallavi was told that they are going for dinner, to an Indian restaurant. There, we had over 10-12 families gathered, with lights off, to shout HAPPY BIRTHDAY and surprise Pallavi.

Let me tell you something – In our 15 years of marriage, I have tried at least 7 surprise parties for her. Every time, one way or the other, she finds out. She sees a car in the parking lot that she recognizes; She sees a kid peeking from the window; Someone tell her something and she adds up the details. Whatever I have tried in the past, never worked. So this time, I did things and didn’t tell anyone. Also, I had to keep Pallavi off my emails, my texts and the phone just to be safe!

Going back to rule#1 – the person you are throwing this special party for must be magnificent and awesome! Why? because the more awesome she is, the better your party will be. Her fabulous-ness and awe will inspire you to raise the bar. Just like I had to do for Pallavi. Her favorite saying is – “If you don’t like me, raise your standards.” So, I had to make sure everything we do meets her standard. She treats everyone nicely, and so she expects that too. She is fun loving, so it has to have fun. She is a people person, so it can’t be a romantic walk on the beach. That is nice too, but not for the occasion. She is a family person, so you gotta have a personal touch in everything.

Let me tell you the most important part of all of this. The reason I had fun organizing this and had fun actually seeing this in real – is that I loved the outcome. I loved seeing a smile on her face. I love her for being a wonderful person. Pallavi is a great friend, a loving mom, awesome cook, understanding wife, and a wonderful soulmate! All this may sound cheesy to you, but as with any goal in life, without purpose, the action is just going through the motion. Same way, this surprise birthday party celebration will be a lot of work and tiring, unless you truly love the person you are doing it for – which in my case is my beautiful and lovely Pallavi.

She is kind-hearted, and I know that because she’d do things for others without thinking twice. Things that I’d normally not even think about.

Going back to the limo ride and Vegas – when Pallavi arrived with her friends, she go the surprise shout – which I believe she was expecting. By the time she got out of limo, a lot of red flags would’ve gone in her head. Like, how do we go back home, if we are leaving the limo here? Trust me, I didn’t think of it until later as well. Anyhow, the next surprise she was in for, is the Casino games setup.

She was thrilled (I hope, or atleast thats what I read in her expressions) when she saw the Casino setup for Blackjack, Roulette and Craps waiting for her. She is the queen of my heart, and the theme for party was “Queen of Hearts!”. Her cake matched the theme; The funny money they printed for Casino matched the theme…except that no one knew or cared what the theme was. They were ready to have fun!

One thing that I say about Pallavi all the time, is that she is full of life! And her passion and excitement for life is infectious. Everyone around her gets it, and they start dancing to her music. She is amazing that way. Once she was in the party hall, everyone was excited! She brings life to the party. Every table that she played at, was cheering. She brings good luck – at least to me. She is always bubbly and sparkly- something I love about her!

Finally, the most important purpose of the party is to wish the special person. I wish Pallavi that this milestone becomes the stepping stone for her future. I trust her abilities, and I know she is going to do everything she plans to do. She is going to live her life full of zeal and smiles. She is going to build the Ashok-Deep orphanage and old-age care center that she dreams of. I am wishing her many more happy returns of such fun parties and special time spent with friends.

Pallavi, if you are reading this, I wish you a happy, healthy, fulfilling life that is remembered by everyone. I wish I’ll grow old with you and learn something new from you every day. I wish you everything that you desire- ad then some more. As your husband, I pray to God to give me strength and abilities to make your dreams come true! I love you.

And now, for the reason you’ve been reading this post – how to organize a surprise party for your spouse, here is the blueprint and some tips for you.

  1. Make your spouse feel special.
  2. Do what he/she likes and include that as part of your party.
  3. Don’t forget to say “I love you”. Everyday.
  4. Flowers are a must.
  5. Plan ahead. Book a place/venue and make sure it has all that you need – music, projector etc.
  6. Involve his/her friends to make it special for him/her.
  7. Keep her on the top of the list in everything you do in the party.
  8. Good Food!
  9. Good Champagne.
  10. If you have kids at the party, keep them engaged so you and your special one can enjoy without being occupied.
  11. Its their day, make it special for them!!
  12. You don’t need to spend a lot. A fun surprise can be arranged with minimum budget, with just friends and family!

So, are you ready for the tips on how to organize a surprise party for your spouse? Here are some tips for you:

  1. If you are doing this, book the limo well in advance and make sure it has enough sitting capacity; If they offer or allow drinks/cake etc. make sure you arrange for those as well.
  2. Ask friends for help. Last minute ice run; Forgetting the candles; No plates to serve cakes…on and on. There could be a lot of things to do and the more you ask for help, people fell more engaged. Reach out.
  3. Make sure you know what day/ date this event is happening, and what may or may not work on that day. For example – Don’t wait to get a good champagne on the last day. If its a Sunday, the shops may be closed! Or, in your Itinerary, if you have activities planned at a place that will be closed – change your plan!
  4. Most important thing is – be flexible. Anything can change until the end and you gotta be open to it. Worst case – its not a surprise anymore. And that’s okay – its still a party. Enjoy it and have fun!
  5. BIGGEST MISTAKE – Make sure your invite your guests personally and don’t forget anyone. I made this mistake by assuming things and it doesn’t go well.

P.S. – I made it a DIY post to make it fun for the readers, but this is me wishing a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lovely, fabulous, wonderful friend and wife, Pallavi. You make my life beautiful! Thanks for being who you are, and being a part of my life. Bulavey tujhe yaar aaj meri galiyan, basaun tere sang mein alag duniya!! Tu Saanso pe bhi naam tera likhde, mein jeeun jab jab tere dil dadhke!!

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