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Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!

Sweetheart, on our 10th anniversary, here are some words for you…all the way from the bottom of my heart. I miss you…love you! and Wishing you a lovely anniversary! तन्हाइयों में बैठे जब अपने आप से सवाल किया, तो तेरे साथ बीताये हर लम्हे को याद किया.. तेरे दामन की छाँव में , तेरी जुल्फों […]

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Aahan’s Second Birthday at Katy, TX

Aahan turned 2 on March 2nd, 2012. We celebrated his second birthday with a bash at the Inflatable Zone, Katy TX on Saturday, March 3, 2012. Thanks to all the friends and their families to make this a memorable day for us—it was a pleasure to have you all with us. We had a lot […]

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Is It All About Your Choice?

Having read many books on management, motivation, self-help and success in life; having heard many experts on the same subjects, one thought comes out very strongly. Its all about the choices you make in life. Choices change the way you live, the progress, the success and even the failures.Is it really true? I know making […]

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Happy Birthday Pallavi!

It was July 12th. Pallavi’s Birthday. Well, lets go back one was July 11th, the day before. The day for a surprise. I had everyone on my side – except a little luck. So here is what we had planned:A Dance Party at the Kebab Corner in Medford. Nothing could beat that…Pallavi can never […]

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Main Yahan Tu Wahan…

Kabhi Kabhi jindagi mein kuch aisa ho jaata hai..Khush hone ki chahat mein bhi dukh sa chha jaata hai. Pyaar ki koi seema nahin ye fir se nazar aata hai..Saat samandar door hai lekin dil mei wahi samata hai.. Door ho ya paas par is dil mein teri soorat hai..tere dum se ye jindagi ek […]

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Lucky! Am I ?

I feel lucky. Thing are going my way. If you go back to read my blog from last week, i was unlucky. I feel lucky today. Am i really lucky or is it just the way thing are happening makes me think so? Does luck really exist? Do people get ahead only on their luck? […]

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Life’s Beautiful!

Ok.. so here i am after a very long break. But now i’ll be regular. Promise. Well life’s beautiful because i am almost settled at Boston. Work has started. Its too tiring to sit in meetings all day and not being able to sleep. Afterall its a new job 🙂 This city has spread its […]

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New Life

Its been a while i wrote a blog. Almost a week to be accurate. I was in transit. Transitioning from my last job to the new one. Its a new life. New city. New company. New attitude. New problems, and new opportunities. Boston is a beatiful city. Its historical importance, its unpredictable weather, its cosmopolitan […]

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