A Dozen And Counting…

Today, Feb 13th 2018, I am celebrating 12 years of my marriage with Pallavi!

What a proud moment !!…for Pallavi because she managed to cope up with me for such a long time…For me because I was able to beg, borrow, steal and somehow managed to have her by my side all these years…for both of us, because we know we are better together!

Life has always been, and I think it will always be a roller coaster. And I think that is the fun part. Where is the fun if life is simple, predictable and plain?

In a roller coaster life there are ups and downs every day. Sometimes, she wins and argument, and sometimes you lose an argument (I know)…and that’s life! The beauty is that we are able to argue with each other on small things, big things, things that matter and things that don’t matter. Sometimes we end up making a fool of ourselves to be fighting over a matter worth nothing…and sometimes we make a big decision in a second when we should be fighting over it…Thats, unpredictable!

To put things in perspective –

Pallavi brings fun to life. I find excuses.
She brings lives to life. I change their diapers.
She brings words to life. I write blogs.
She loves me unconditionally. I wonder why?

Well, I know those who know me also know that I can be stupid at times. Those are the times that you’ve seen. Pallavi sees them every day. And If she is lucky, multiple times a day. But what can I do, its like “Jab saamne tum aa jaati ho, naa jaaniye kya ho jaata hai?…” 

So, going back to the roller coaster, our ride started in 2005 when we first met. We got married in Feb 2006, and ever since we’ve been trying to find out who made the wrong (or right) decision. She is an ideal wife, a great friend and a perfect mom (Don’t ask my son Aahan – he disagrees, but what does he know?). Any ways, with the way of the world and how things turned out, we ended up being away from each other for about 4-5 months. Finally we joined each other in the US in July 2006.

I have so many memories of our life together that this blog post wont do justice to them, but I do want to tell this to you, Pallavi- I can’t live a moment in a day without thinking of you. As i wake up in the morning, i think of your smiling face next to me…before I realize you are still sleeping and then I get to wake you up. Then, I think of delicious tea that I’ll be having with you…but I have to make it first. Then the running around to get ready for school and office…and that occasional argument which sometimes you win and sometimes I lose…well, sometimes I am thinking about those for the whole day, but jokes apart. Delicious breakfast and lunch that you make for me, and if I am lucky, also get to eat that with you. The way you care for me, even though I do not…is amazing! The way you know me, even though I do not, is fascinating. The way you support, guide and motivate me, when even I am not sure what to do – Is breathtaking. YOU, are wonderful. and I am fortunate! to have you in my life.

On this anniversary,  I wish you lots of love, and I hope we’ll have many more dozens of years together…on this roller coaster of love, happiness, fun and unpredictable life!




Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!

Sweetheart, on our 10th anniversary, here are some words for you…all the way from the bottom of my heart. I miss you…love you! and Wishing you a lovely anniversary!

तन्हाइयों में बैठे जब अपने आप से सवाल किया,
तो तेरे साथ बीताये हर लम्हे को याद किया..

तेरे दामन की छाँव में , तेरी जुल्फों से खेलते अपने हाथों की उंगलिया भी याद आयीं,
आँखों में थोड़ी थोड़ी सी नमी और दिल में एक दर्द अपने साथ लायी..

हर और बस तेरा ही साया नज़र आता है,
तेरी खुश्बू से ये घर अब भी महकता है….

वक़्त का पता न चला कैसे निकल गया, पहले दिन से इन १० सालों की हर एक बात याद आई,
तेरी हंसी, तेरी मुस्कराहट, और वह जिंदादिल अदा भी अपने साथ लायी..

वह पल जो हमने साथ बिताये, और भी कई बिताना है,
इस सालगिरह पर बस इतना तुझे बताना है…

कोई कुछ भी कहे, मेरा हम साया, मेरा जहान, मेरा जूनून तो हो, तुम ही हो मेरी खुदाई…
बस जब भी चाहा मैंने तुम्हे, तुमसे वही चाहत दस गुना ज्यादा ही पायी!

Aahan’s Second Birthday at Katy, TX

Aahan turned 2 on March 2nd, 2012. We celebrated his second birthday with a bash at the Inflatable Zone, Katy TX on Saturday, March 3, 2012.

Thanks to all the friends and their families to make this a memorable day for us—it was a pleasure to have you all with us. We had a lot of fun with y’all!

Event started at 6:30 PM with Radhe and Sowmya being there first – Well atleast we reached in time before other guests arrived 🙂

Some of you had to travel a long way to reach the venue, and juggle around your other priorities. We appreciate you taking time to be a part of our family, and Aahan will always cherish these moments and blessings! Thanks so much.

Btw, Aahan has to say something to you too..

Dear Uncle, Aunt, Friends and Family!!

Thanks so much for being a part of my 2nd Birthday Celebration. I love you all very much, and appreciate your blessings and gifts!  Thanks to my Mama for sending the nice sherwani that you all gave me compliments for!

I have already started playing with some of the toys but my mommy has locked up the others…I don’t know why she does that but probably I am too young to understand.

Hopefully by my next birthday i’d have broken them all so that you can bring me new ones..oh ho! my Thomas train is getting off track..let me get back to it…b bye…  

Here are the pictures from the celebration! (Captions are for fun, pure fun intended).

 Question, comments – shoot a note to Ashish

Is It All About Your Choice?

Having read many books on management, motivation, self-help and success in life; having heard many experts on the same subjects, one thought comes out very strongly. Its all about the choices you make in life.

Choices change the way you live, the progress, the success and even the failures.
Is it really true?

I know making choices – specially the right ones is not easy. But even when you have made a choice, how easy is it to follow through? After you have chosen something and then you find that may be the right (may not be best) choice for you, but its not what people around you want you to choose. What then?

What happens when you choose to stay the way you are, because you seem to be succeeding so far – but then its your perspective. What if someone else has a different opinion about your choice.

Isn’t it important to see those important views, and choices that others have made for you? Sometimes the choices you make not only affect your life but the life of others. If your choices can affect someone else’s life, should you ask their view about those choices?

what if they don’t want you to choose it? what if it makes a lot of sense to you but its foolish for them? what if?

Sometimes, you just have to stop all that is incoming and go on a diet. Better yet, go on fasting until you can clear all that is negative inside, and nothing more negative comes in. Then, when you have a positive outlook, when you are ready to think again rationally with sensibility and responsibility, you should weigh in all those choices.

I am going on a fast today….so that i can prepare myself to make some better choices for myself, and those whom i affect a lot. May be, i’ll have some sanity in making those choices that make decision happen; decisions that change the destiny.

in search of destiny…and the right choices..

Happy Birthday Pallavi!

It was July 12th. Pallavi’s Birthday.

Well, lets go back one day..it was July 11th, the day before. The day for a surprise. I had everyone on my side – except a little luck. So here is what we had planned:
A Dance Party at the Kebab Corner in Medford. Nothing could beat that…Pallavi can never expect me to throw her a surprise dance party on her birthday. This is the best idea i have come across since logicwala…i was so excited.

Sachin-Bosky, Param-Archana and Subrat were all ready to surprise Pallavi. We were supposed to reach there at 9:15, when the team was all settled there at 9. It was a good plan – except that the place was near Chipotle. And Pallavi was hungry. And when she is hungry she want to eat a burrito. You know what i mean…so we ended up going to Chipotle…and i started worrying about what will happen if Pallavi sees anyone of the guys here and she will join the dots – her lawyer’s mind never stops working.

Anyways, we made her sit face in opposite direction and so happened that when everyone else was entering kebab corner – which was visible from where i sat- was not visible to Pallavi. A Close escape!!

Now, it was show time. I called everyone at the restaurant to hide and come out only when Pallavi enters. They agreed. Worse – They did it! 🙂 So when Pallavi entered – no one was there. Then the restaurant host said “Happy birthday” to her (THIS WAS NOT PLANNED!! I was surprised!) And no one was there yet. I rushed out to check if they were hiding outside. No one was there. After 2 mins – When Pallavi realized a little bit, that probably we are having a party here instead of at home – everyone came out from the kitchen yelling “Surprise!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!”…but that was little late..wasn’t it.

but anyways, it was a great celebration. May be Party was not a surprise, the Dance was. It was a fun night, with all friends…

Main Yahan Tu Wahan…

Kabhi Kabhi jindagi mein kuch aisa ho jaata hai..
Khush hone ki chahat mein bhi dukh sa chha jaata hai.

Pyaar ki koi seema nahin ye fir se nazar aata hai..
Saat samandar door hai lekin dil mei wahi samata hai..

Door ho ya paas par is dil mein teri soorat hai..
tere dum se ye jindagi ek tu hi to meri jaroorat hai.

Aaj fir ek baar us rab ne mujhko yaad dilaya hai..
Tera saath hai kitna pyaara, tu mera sarmaya hai.

miss you..

Lucky! Am I ?

I feel lucky. Thing are going my way. If you go back to read my blog from last week, i was unlucky. I feel lucky today.
Am i really lucky or is it just the way thing are happening makes me think so? Does luck really exist? Do people get ahead only on their luck? Lets Rip.

Luck, i believe is Labor Under Correct Knowledge. If you know what you are doing, and know how to go about it, you can get ahead. If you just keep on waiting for your fate to throw opportunities at you, it may, but then are you prepared to grab them? Its a dilemma when it comes to making a wish, and making it happen. We all wish for good things. How many of us really do something to make it happen? Wishing is not a crime, dreams are not weapons. But to not work for realizing that dream, is a crime. Its like cheating yourself. God would not incite a dream on us if it were not to come true. He provides us with the ability to realize our dreams. We are the ones who do not use that ability, and over time, that ability vanishes. The passion dies. And life stops.

For last few weeks when things were not moving the way i wanted, i kept trying. Everything fell in place, and now i feel more secure and serene. Is that luck?

Thats all i had to talk about life. I want to end it with this- Luck does not exist isolated. Its the meeting point of opportunity and preparation. I got lucky when i met pallavi. She was an opportunity, and i was prepared. I feel lucky. Infact, i am lucky that i have a wonderful life partner like her. She is awesome. After missing her for almost 3 months, now she is here.

That was about love, and about software. Am i lucky enough to have a nice job in a growing organization with a decent pay? you bet! For the first one week i was not sure, but as the things have started becoming clear, i am interacting with client and my peers and knowing them, its getting more interesting.

Be it life, love or software, you get lucky if you put yourself into it. If you are not interested, luck is not interested in you. Go out there, do it, and you can have it all!

Life’s Beautiful!

so here i am after a very long break. But now i’ll be regular. Promise.

Well life’s beautiful because i am almost settled at Boston. Work has started. Its too tiring to sit in meetings all day and not being able to sleep. Afterall its a new job 🙂

This city has spread its arms to welcome me here, and provided some of the best things i always wanted. Office is not too far, commute is ok, grocery shops nearby, restaurants on walking distance. And above all, my very good friends in the neighbourhood. I used to hang out with these guys in Patni, and now they are here. Great!

And to make it all worthwhile, Pallavi has also joined me here. She flew in on Saturday evening, and she is sleeping since then. Jetlag. Well i’ll ask her how does she like America once she gets up.

Life seems to be beautiful today…but i know its going to be equally challenging tomorrow. And I am ready for it. Bring it on!

New Life

Its been a while i wrote a blog. Almost a week to be accurate. I was in transit. Transitioning from my last job to the new one. Its a new life. New city. New company. New attitude. New problems, and new opportunities.

Boston is a beatiful city. Its historical importance, its unpredictable weather, its cosmopolitan nature, the student community, the millionaires, best institutes…everything makes it more special. I have been here before, but this time, for a longer period.

Just trying to get settled here. last few days have gone by searching a decent apartment in the suburbs. Work has not yet started so its sorta good thing that i have time for personal things to finish.

Life never stops. Boston, like newyork, seems the same way. It never stops. You’ll find people running around, catching trains and buses to reach their destinations, cars in downtown crawl like dead. Its good to see the liveliness of this city. Thought its not comparable to NY City.

This new life has brought many new opportunities, new problems and new solutions need to be found. Need of the hour is to go with the flow and settle for the best..atleast the better.

Found some new friends, new people and new limitations. Everything seems to be new except for the fact that new is costly, and old is cheap 🙂 But there is no free lunch afterall. So i am cooking..lets see how it tastes. so long!