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Jungle Raj?

Excerpts from NDTV:

Tuesday, August 28, 2007 (Bhagalpur)

A man was beaten up by the public in Bihar’s Bhagalpur district after he reportedly snatched a woman’s chain. His hands were bound behind his back and he was thrashed by the public and the police. The man was then dragged by a motorcycle, with a policeman at the wheel.Despite the chain being recovered, the man was beaten up by the public. Instead of preventing the public from assaulting the victim, the police also joined in.A probe has been ordered by Bihar Police into the incident. Anil Sinha, spokesperson of the Bihar police said that strict action will be taken and such violence couldn’t be condoned.

”This is a shameful incident. They just accused this man of some small theft and beat him mercilessly. It is an attampt to murder. There is jungle raj in Bihar. And Nitish Kumar has no control over law and order in the state,” Lalu Prasad yadav said. The policeman who beat up the man, has been identified as a sub-inspector. “
Is this really an example of Jungle Raj, or insane show of inhumanity and misuse of power? What man could do this kind of injustice to a poor – even though if he stole.
I think the big reason is life is not at all valued in the country. People die of hunger, some die of food-poisoning. Some die due to lack of resources, some are killed because they have too much.
We dont care – because it doesn’t matter to us whether poor people live or die – as long as its not one of our near or dear ones.
This is another cruel example of the harshness and bitterness we have in our society.

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