Hello! My name is Ashish Jain.

I am a Software Consultant by Profession, an Artist by heart and an Entrepreneur by destiny.

I love to write, draw, sing, act and like to do all the silly stuff you can imagine. I am charming, funny, interesting, active and sexy Рbut unfortunately I am married :0

Fortunately, I am married to a great girl- Pallavi. She is the best a man can get. She is smart, funny, peppy, full of life and always smiling! She also gave me two beautiful and adorable kids РAahan and Aayra.

I have lived at many places around the world and currently living in Houston, TX, in the USA. I work for a software consulting and technology company. I am also a serial entrepreneur and have setup many businesses from ground up to successful exit.

My experiences include technical and functional consulting in enterprise applications, Oracle Applications, Salesforce.com, Project and Program Management, Business development etc.


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