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Welcome to AshishSZone

Hello Welcome to Ashishszone!

Thank You for visiting. If you are here, either you already know me, or someone who knows me sent you here. I would like to Thank them for sending you here 🙂

Without taking too much of your time, let me quickly tell you what do we do here?

On this blog, I talk about Love, Life, and Entrepreneurship.

LOVE can mean a relationship – to your spouse, your friends, family, and yourself. Sometimes you’ll see self-help-related ideas or concepts filed under Love. That’s true, because if you don’t love yourself and do not take care of yourself how can you possibly love others and take care of them? So, go for those posts if you are looking for my take on love, relationship, and self-improvement.

I think we all have a great gift given by God – this LIFE. The best way we can say thanks to God for this gift is by achieving more in this life for ourselves and our families. By the way of success, we can show how grateful we are to the almighty who provided us a chance to be here, and do all that we can! If you don’t buy into this idea that is okay. This is my opinion that we are here for a purpose – sometimes it’s easy to find it, sometimes it’s not. We need to continue to work on it, help others, and the more people we can help in the process, we’ll get closer to our purpose! I share my Success Steps video stories to keep the life lessons alive. These are some of the things I’ve read, learned, and experienced.

Lastly, I talk about ENTREPRENEURSHIP. I love it because after so many years of career, work, jobs, and start-ups, I find myself being an “idea person” at heart. I love thinking up ideas, sharing ideas, expanding ideas. I may not be great at executing ideas – and that is what I continue to learn every day. With the help of friends, co-workers, my mentors, and YOU – visitors of this blog – I learn and grow every day to be the entrepreneur of my dreams. I started my first business venture when I was in 9th grade – a Comic book library and my own comic books written and illustrated from the scratch. My entrepreneurship bug hasn’t let me alone since!

I believe in Walt Disney’s famous quote – If you can dream it, You can do it. I just added my own flavor to it with a swoosh: If you can dream it, You can Do it…but you’ve got to do it now!

I love sharing my thoughts – and these are just my thoughts. So take them with a grain of salt. If you don’t like it, that’s okay.

My mom always says, “If you don’t like what I said, eat an extra chapati to go with it.”

Oh, and by the way, I like performing – whether by the means of comedy, public speaking of my YouTube channel (, so I hope you’ll enjoy that too.

Ashish at MATV- Standup Comedy Performance

7 thoughts on “Welcome to AshishSZone

  1. Hello bhaiya,
    Comedy was very good. I knew you’re a good comedian. All the videos are good.You are looking very good.

  2. Ajay Chava says:

    Great! I never knew you were so talented. Also, the Show by all of you- Ananda, Raja, Sethu, Ramanesh, Rajeev & you was very good. talented team!!

  3. Shankarowth. says:

    Hey Ashish
    I have to apologize that we could not get together to see you off. I was in Brocade the day you were to leave and then after my meetings I could not see you. Life is such, that taking a pause to reflect on our good work is so hard to come by. Nevertheless, I am hopeful that your move and new job lands you in better opportunities and growth. I will watch this space for your updates!

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