A Dozen And Counting…

Today, Feb 13th 2018, I am celebrating 12 years of my marriage with Pallavi!

What a proud moment !!…for Pallavi because she managed to cope up with me for such a long time…For me because I was able to beg, borrow, steal and somehow managed to have her by my side all these years…for both of us, because we know we are better together!

Life has always been, and I think it will always be a roller coaster. And I think that is the fun part. Where is the fun if life is simple, predictable and plain?

In a roller coaster life there are ups and downs every day. Sometimes, she wins and argument, and sometimes you lose an argument (I know)…and that’s life! The beauty is that we are able to argue with each other on small things, big things, things that matter and things that don’t matter. Sometimes we end up making a fool of ourselves to be fighting over a matter worth nothing…and sometimes we make a big decision in a second when we should be fighting over it…Thats, unpredictable!

To put things in perspective –

Pallavi brings fun to life. I find excuses.
She brings lives to life. I change their diapers.
She brings words to life. I write blogs.
She loves me unconditionally. I wonder why?

Well, I know those who know me also know that I can be stupid at times. Those are the times that you’ve seen. Pallavi sees them every day. And If she is lucky, multiple times a day. But what can I do, its like “Jab saamne tum aa jaati ho, naa jaaniye kya ho jaata hai?…” 

So, going back to the roller coaster, our ride started in 2005 when we first met. We got married in Feb 2006, and ever since we’ve been trying to find out who made the wrong (or right) decision. She is an ideal wife, a great friend and a perfect mom (Don’t ask my son Aahan – he disagrees, but what does he know?). Any ways, with the way of the world and how things turned out, we ended up being away from each other for about 4-5 months. Finally we joined each other in the US in July 2006.

I have so many memories of our life together that this blog post wont do justice to them, but I do want to tell this to you, Pallavi- I can’t live a moment in a day without thinking of you. As i wake up in the morning, i think of your smiling face next to me…before I realize you are still sleeping and then I get to wake you up. Then, I think of delicious tea that I’ll be having with you…but I have to make it first. Then the running around to get ready for school and office…and that occasional argument which sometimes you win and sometimes I lose…well, sometimes I am thinking about those for the whole day, but jokes apart. Delicious breakfast and lunch that you make for me, and if I am lucky, also get to eat that with you. The way you care for me, even though I do not…is amazing! The way you know me, even though I do not, is fascinating. The way you support, guide and motivate me, when even I am not sure what to do – Is breathtaking. YOU, are wonderful. and I am fortunate! to have you in my life.

On this anniversary,  I wish you lots of love, and I hope we’ll have many more dozens of years together…on this roller coaster of love, happiness, fun and unpredictable life!




Ek aur Ek Gyara…mere Yaara!

It may seem like a Govinda movie title, but the movie has been more of a SRK type. It has been a romantic comedy thriller. Well, I am not talking about a movie that I watched over the weekend.

I am talking about the movie of my lifetime. The life of my movie…and the one and only wife of my lifetime. Today, we complete 11 years of fun filled marriage.

A life that has been a roller coaster with Pallavi. It has been fun mostly, sad at times, thrilling on occasions and comedy almost every other day…but overall, its been what they say truly  1+1 = 11…Ek aur Ek Gyara.

One person alone can not do anything in this world, let alone make life fun and living remarkable. With my other 1, that is Pallavi, I’ve been able to do it. She is an amazing friend, an equally wonderful wife, an excellent partner in crime, a loving mom to the kids!!

Pallavi has always been there for me, whenever I needed her. Infact sometimes I wasn’t there when she needed me…and those have been the Thrilling moments, if you were wondering 🙂

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!

What you need in a life partner is someone who’ll keep you honest; someone who’ll show you what you can do and can not do; Someone who’ll cheer you, help you, support you and most importantly, Love you unconditionally.

Pallavi is all that except the “unconditionally” part; I am not kidding. She does all that so very well with just one condition – I should try to do all that even better. She has been trying for last 11 years, but I am not a quick learner. I have my own share of mistakes – those are the comedy days. I hurt her sometimes, which make for the sad times of our movie…but then again, we don’t keep that part long and get right into a situational song and turn around the movie into a fun one!

I know this 1+1 partnership will continue to be one that we’ll remember as a blockbuster and celebrate at each award function. But in this movie, for this year, the award for Best Supporting Role, Best Mom, Best Wife, Best Bahu and the Best Friend goes to Pallavi!

Love you Pallavi, and wishing you all the happiness life can bring….a happy Anniversary!


P.S. > Happy Anniversary Mom….from Aahan and Aayra!



Aayra is born!

Today, on June 24th, 2016 at 3:44 CST, our second child, our blessing from the heaven, Aahan’s sister – Aayra – was born!

When a star falls from the sky, a child sees the light of day – Today is one of the most precious day of our lives…Our Star, Aayra is born…Thank You for being a part of it and sharing our joy!

Aahan with his baby sister Aayra.







Aayra means Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, according to Hindu mythology.

Pallavi has been one of my greatest gifts from the almighty lord, and now this is the second best gift that she has given us! Thanks Pallavi!

Someone once said, if man had babies, the world would’ve ended by now! That is so true.

Only a woman has the courage, patience, strength and endurance that is needed to keep a baby in womb for 9 months, and deliver it with a smile on the face!


My two Precious princesses!









Here are some pictures of AAYRA, and more to come…Love you Aayra! And welcome to this world !!

The Cost of dreams

God has his own ways of playing with us. He made it so easy for everyone to dream. Its very easy to conceive a dream in your heart, in your mind – and its equally difficult to make it a reality.

Sometimes I wonder was this God’s way to humor himself as he watches us trying to do all sorts of things in order to pursue our dreams.

To add to this, there is dreams of others. Others who are part of your life. Others who are your friends and family. Everyone has their own dreams, and when we live in a world of interdependence, it becomes even harder to fulfill your own dreams and make sure that you help your friends and family realize their dreams as well.

Balance is difficult to find. Things that you do, things that you say in order to protect others can be thought of as your lack of interest in their dreams. It is such a tough decision to make sometimes when someone asks your opinion on their dreams, knowing that there is a direct conflict of interest in your dreams with their plans. What do you do in that situation? My motto has always been to be honest  – Honesty is the best policy. But I’ve come to learn that not always. Sometimes, being honest can have its own negative repercussions. specially when it comes to dreams.

Dreams are personal. No one has a right to crush other people’s dream. If you can not help them realize their dreams, don’t crush them. If you can help – great. If not – shut up.

Speaking too much has got me into trouble so many times, i’ve just stopped saying things now a days. so what if you have an opinion, there is a time and place for everything.

anyways, I know there was no sense of this whole cribbing, but just wanted to let my heart out.

see you around.



Where was I for last 2 years?

Does Silent mean that you are busy?

Its a question to myself. Does being silent means that you are busy, doing something thats more important than someone expecting you to say something?

The reason I ask this question is because of this – as you may have noticed that i haven’t written a single post for long time. I’ve been silent on my blog. Does this mean that i’ve been busy? Does that mean i’ve been doing something that was more important that sharing on my blog or writing something for my visitors?

When Aahan was born, and i posted some of his pictures on the blog, one of my colleague at Brocade said that she used to take pictures and post them when their first daughter was born. After that, they didn’t get time to do the same with her other two kids…At that time, I was thinking – “really? how bad could it be. You can always take time out to post a blog post..or share a picture…”

2 years later, today, i reflect on that and think – “really? How good has this been that i forgot to write a single blog post, didn’t get time to do that, but still, i don’t see that i missed something…” reason being, the time spent with Aahan and Pallavi over last 2 year (except work and new role and challenges that came with new roles…) has been terrific! exciting! tiring ;( and at the same time fun.

Even thought i didn’t get chance to post all that Aahan has been doing lately, i tried to keep some of you updated via facebook or glimpses of his mischieves on Youtube videos.

Anyways, long story short..last 2 years have been busy seeing Aahan grow up and start walking, then talking, running, then screaming. Now his favorite past time is copying me, and sometime unknowingly irritate us. He wants to hear the same song again and again. He wants to shut the TV off when he goes to bed – even if we are watching it. He wants me to drink from my cup – i can’t drink from another cup becuase that’s not mine. He wants to be tucked in the blanket, which he will throw away in 30 seconds, then wants to be tucked again…giving me the walking exercise that i don’t want. To make matters worse, people at Clavin Klein have to put the posters of half naked models in their showroom – so Aahan’s question is “why is aunty not wearing t-shirt?” or “is uncle going to take a bath..?” – seriously?

Anyways, all complains apart, if I’ve not written a post and have been silent for long, definetely i was busy doing all the above things that you can imagine are just never ending…

Glad to be able to get back to you folks with some writing..will try to make some more time and keep posting – provided that you keep visiting 🙂 And, provided I keep getting the help from my saviour  – Pallavi. I don’t think i’d have been able to cope with Aahan if it wasn’t for her…Thanks Pal!

Take care! Paryushan Parva ki shubhkaamnayen….and Happy Independence Day India (Aug 15th).

Aahan’s Second Birthday at Katy, TX

Aahan turned 2 on March 2nd, 2012. We celebrated his second birthday with a bash at the Inflatable Zone, Katy TX on Saturday, March 3, 2012.

Thanks to all the friends and their families to make this a memorable day for us—it was a pleasure to have you all with us. We had a lot of fun with y’all!

Event started at 6:30 PM with Radhe and Sowmya being there first – Well atleast we reached in time before other guests arrived 🙂

Some of you had to travel a long way to reach the venue, and juggle around your other priorities. We appreciate you taking time to be a part of our family, and Aahan will always cherish these moments and blessings! Thanks so much.

Btw, Aahan has to say something to you too..

Dear Uncle, Aunt, Friends and Family!!

Thanks so much for being a part of my 2nd Birthday Celebration. I love you all very much, and appreciate your blessings and gifts!  Thanks to my Mama for sending the nice sherwani that you all gave me compliments for!

I have already started playing with some of the toys but my mommy has locked up the others…I don’t know why she does that but probably I am too young to understand.

Hopefully by my next birthday i’d have broken them all so that you can bring me new ones..oh ho! my Thomas train is getting off track..let me get back to it…b bye…  

Here are the pictures from the celebration! (Captions are for fun, pure fun intended).

 Question, comments – shoot a note to Ashish

Half A Decade. And Still Counting.

Today is 13th Feb 2011.

On 13th Feb 2006, i tied knot with Pallavi. Today, we completed 5 years of love, laughter, fun, arguments, fights, smiles, tears, excitement, worries, disappointments, success, enchantment and surprises.

5 years of love because thats what kept us going through all the other stuff – well there was hate too at one or more times, but it was momentary hate, that was destroyed by long lasting love.

Laugther, that originates from every silly thing Pallavi does, or every mistake i make, acted as medicine helped us relieve our pain and tears we had occassionaly.

Arguments seem to be part of life. Actually its the lifeblood of our conversation now, without which probably we’ll not be talking but just giving speeches. one thing that i had learned earlier in my life is that Arguments should be avoided for being succesful in life; I try: but doesn’t work. I have to give in and get into the argument; which sometimes gets converted into a fight; sometimes into surprises, but most of the times into 15$ rose bouquet and a 5$ hallmark card. 🙂 (Smiley is a must here or it could start another argument).

Disappointments have their own place in life, but when you have a life partner like Pallavi those short spans will go away pretty soon and success comes shining. With smiles and excitement on horizon, all sorrows and problems look small, when I am in the arms of my life partner, Pallavi.

Even though i kid a lot, i know in my heart that the I got the better part of the bargain…and i am gonna make the most of it. Looking forward to many more years to come…to enjoy the same love, laughter, faith, trust, excitement, surprises, fun, smiles, togetherness, warmth and above all – marriage!

Many many happy returns of the day Pallavi! Happy anniversary; Wish you all the love in the world – Happy valentine’s day!

1111 Wishes, 1111 Dreams – 1 Life

हजारों ख्वाहिशें ऐसी के हर ख्वाहिश पे दम निकले.. 
These few letters mean nothing if you just hear them as a song or poetry. But they mean a lot if you give it a thought.
A lifetime- few years, actually- and plenty of dreams. Myriads of wishes and hopes and wants that make this life even shorter.
Are those dreams really worth it? Sometimes i think YES! sometimes i think, may be Not.
On this first day of the new year 2011, i am contemplating the same thing again.
There are dreams and ambitions that make you do things you’d have never done before. Dreams give you power, strenght and courage to move forward. But when these dreams become hurdle in keeping peace with life, you wish you hadn’t dreamt.
God has given us in abundance – his love, his support, his blessings. We have everything we could dream of, if we have our health, family and happiness. What else is there to dream of?
Well, materialistically, there is no end. Sky is the limit. But really, what will we make of those materialistic things anyways? If you have a million dollar home, a limited edition sports car, a sparkling diamond jewellery,best designer clothes, world’s finest toys – But you don’t have anyone to share them with – are those dreams really worth it?
Yesterday I saw Aahan stand on his feet for 13 seconds. 13 seconds – and it was worth the happiness of 13 years. It was amazing to see those little feet supporting a little cute baby, smiling, bright eyes, cute gesture – and then he fell down. Just for 13 secs. But in those 13 seconds, the world just stopped. There were no dreams, no wants, no wishes and no worries whatsoever. Those are the moments, worth dreaming of. Those are the seconds worth a lifetime.
I know its a debate – and i know because i have had this debate a thousands times, with myself and others – so i’ll put the counter argument here too.
Even though, life is in all the small sweet moments that we cherish with our loved ones, family and friends, still, the zeal to get somewhere, the need to achieve something and the mere excitement of reaching the next level is all that makes us grow in life. If we don’t have those dreams and wants to shoot for – we are nothing but a rat in a routine rat-race.
Dreams are necessary evil – If you have them you have troubles. If you don’t you have nothing to shoot for. What matter most is a perfect balance, a harmony that will help you enjoy the life to fullest, as well as allow you to go for the best you can be!
Wishing you 1111 happy memories, cherishing dreams and special moments with your loved ones, friends, family and above all – Yourself. If you can make yourself happy, you’ll make the world a happier place to be!
Happy New Year!

Aahan’s India Trip

Here are some pictures from Aahan’s India Trip. In the 3 months that he spent in India, he lost his hair; got his set of first teeth; regrew his hair; started crawling and cruising…Took a train ride from Indore to Mumbai, went to the Chowpati (beach) in Mumbai, drove a car, played video games, celebrated Diwali and Dussera, enjoyed weddings and parties and much more…

What else can i say..pics tell it all:

At the wedding

Aahan at Sonu’s engagement

Aahan at the Dewas Dhaba

Aahan with his mom, Amit Uncle, Priya Aunt, GrandPa and kids

Aahan's welcome Party

Aahan's Welcome Party

Sabka Problem Ek Hai!

Its not a new question to me -which i was asked again today. Most of my friends, my colleagues and acquintances have asked this question to me …many times…and as always, i answer them, but I am also confused if that IS the right answer.

Well i know its right. But if that is right for everyone – each of them?

Here is the question:
I have come to US to earn money. But I miss my family too much. What should I do? Should I stay for 1 year and see, or should i ask my manager to release me and send me back? I am not having peace of mind here. I feel bad. I want money, but I love my family.

My question is:
Why do you want money? They would say “For my family”
Then why do you not want to stay and earn it for them? “I dont like being away from them”
Ok, then what stops you from being with them and earn? “There is not enough potential back home”
Cool..Then stay for sometime and then go back. “I am not happy. I dont know what to do”.

If it does sound to you like a conversation you had with someone, sometime, I bet you did. Its the same situation most of the people – specially those on projects in IT industry – are in. They are in Dillemma. For some people there is no middle way. It has to be one way or the another. A few do compromise but to a little extent.

I am not a guru or anything, but i can certainly provide a few pointers that might help….here you go…

First of all…
Find out your correct purpose. You want to earn money for your family? or something else?
Map your goals (If you do not have goals, first make your goals)..ok, so map your goals to your purpose, and prioritize them…
Does it look like this:
1. Being happy.
2. Being with my family.
3. Being rich
4. supporting my family.
5. Building a good career.
6. Roam around the world…etc…

Or like this:
1. Earn lot of money
2. Build my own home for my family.
3. Roam around the world.
and happiness will automatically come along????

If you have the answers similar to first list, goto the website expedia.com, and book the first ticket you can find out for returning back home. If you do not listen to you heart, you can missout of many things you should be enjoying NOW ! like having a weekend picnic with your family..
but if you are in the second list guys, then its a very difficult question for me to answer – Practical or Emotional? Decision is yours. And its a tought one i know.

Third…And the most important part:
Decide, And Dont turn back. Whatever you decide, stick to it, fight for it, and make it happen. Whether you want to go back and fulfill your dreams there, or you want to stay to reach your goals and then go back, remember one thing – “Dont get distracted from why you are here. What did you decide? What is your purpose.” Work for your purpose, and you’ll have urself a life worth remembering, worth living.

After all, its all in the purpose of you life. Ain’t it??