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A Dozen And Counting…

Today, Feb 13th 2018, I am celebrating 12 years of my marriage with Pallavi!

What a proud moment !!…for Pallavi because she managed to cope up with me for such a long time…For me because I was able to beg, borrow, steal and somehow managed to have her by my side all these years…for both of us, because we know we are better together!

Life has always been, and I think it will always be a roller coaster. And I think that is the fun part. Where is the fun if life is simple, predictable and plain?

In a roller coaster life there are ups and downs every day. Sometimes, she wins and argument, and sometimes you lose an argument (I know)…and that’s life! The beauty is that we are able to argue with each other on small things, big things, things that matter and things that don’t matter. Sometimes we end up making a fool of ourselves to be fighting over a matter worth nothing…and sometimes we make a big decision in a second when we should be fighting over it…Thats, unpredictable!

To put things in perspective –

Pallavi brings fun to life. I find excuses.
She brings lives to life. I change their diapers.
She brings words to life. I write blogs.
She loves me unconditionally. I wonder why?

Well, I know those who know me also know that I can be stupid at times. Those are the times that you’ve seen. Pallavi sees them every day. And If she is lucky, multiple times a day. But what can I do, its like “Jab saamne tum aa jaati ho, naa jaaniye kya ho jaata hai?…” 

So, going back to the roller coaster, our ride started in 2005 when we first met. We got married in Feb 2006, and ever since we’ve been trying to find out who made the wrong (or right) decision. She is an ideal wife, a great friend and a perfect mom (Don’t ask my son Aahan – he disagrees, but what does he know?). Any ways, with the way of the world and how things turned out, we ended up being away from each other for about 4-5 months. Finally we joined each other in the US in July 2006.

I have so many memories of our life together that this blog post wont do justice to them, but I do want to tell this to you, Pallavi- I can’t live a moment in a day without thinking of you. As i wake up in the morning, i think of your smiling face next to me…before I realize you are still sleeping and then I get to wake you up. Then, I think of delicious tea that I’ll be having with you…but I have to make it first. Then the running around to get ready for school and office…and that occasional argument which sometimes you win and sometimes I lose…well, sometimes I am thinking about those for the whole day, but jokes apart. Delicious breakfast and lunch that you make for me, and if I am lucky, also get to eat that with you. The way you care for me, even though I do not…is amazing! The way you know me, even though I do not, is fascinating. The way you support, guide and motivate me, when even I am not sure what to do – Is breathtaking. YOU, are wonderful. and I am fortunate! to have you in my life.

On this anniversary,  I wish you lots of love, and I hope we’ll have many more dozens of years together…on this roller coaster of love, happiness, fun and unpredictable life!




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  1. Very touching!! Amazing writing – thanks sharing these wonderful moments! Wish you and Pallaviji s very happy wedding anniversary

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