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Love Will Find the Way…Please Pray!!


Where there is Love, there is a way.

Of course it looks easy, you should choose the first one. But wait, the first one is full of those deligtful things if you have your partner with you..its not a path to be travelled alone. And the decision he has to take is not his own decision, but its a decision of two lives.

I want both of them to understand that its not about them. Its about the other half. Its about the rest of the life that is ahead of them.

When you are in love, and are not able to decide, leave it to your heart. Follow the way it shows. Follow the lights and i bet you’ll get rid of darkness. A decision taken without love is a decision worth nothing. It will only be regretted.

I am praying for them, that they are able to take a right decision which will make them happy forever..and ever. After all, its in the moments of decision that our destiny is shaped.

I am praying for them so they can have the courage to let go the boundations of the material world.

I am praying for them so they can understand the importance of each other in their lives; so they can realize what they will miss being away; so they can realize its not about them…its about love, about life and about humanity.

Everyday a love story succeeds, humanity and love becomes stronger. Everytime a
love story fails, humanity falls weaker.

I am praying so their love story can succeed.

I want you to pray so they can be with each other everyday. I want you to pray, so that love will find the way!!


My morning started with a phone call from a very dear friend. He is in love. He is in dilemma.

He is on a fork on the road and not sure which way to choose. He has two options. One road leads to happiness, success, smiles, love, togetherness and life! Another way leads to loneliness, tears, sorrow and what not. I wish this decision was easy for him.

3 thoughts on “Love Will Find the Way…Please Pray!!

  1. Hi Ashish,

    Sometimes we r so much angry with our loved ones that even though they try to tell us something…we simply dont understand.

    Same thing happened with me too. I said all bad things to him…that i’m regreting today.

    I truly hope he forgives me.


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