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Half A Decade. And Still Counting.

Today is 13th Feb 2011.

On 13th Feb 2006, i tied knot with Pallavi. Today, we completed 5 years of love, laughter, fun, arguments, fights, smiles, tears, excitement, worries, disappointments, success, enchantment and surprises.

5 years of love because thats what kept us going through all the other stuff – well there was hate too at one or more times, but it was momentary hate, that was destroyed by long lasting love.

Laugther, that originates from every silly thing Pallavi does, or every mistake i make, acted as medicine helped us relieve our pain and tears we had occassionaly.

Arguments seem to be part of life. Actually its the lifeblood of our conversation now, without which probably we’ll not be talking but just giving speeches. one thing that i had learned earlier in my life is that Arguments should be avoided for being succesful in life; I try: but doesn’t work. I have to give in and get into the argument; which sometimes gets converted into a fight; sometimes into surprises, but most of the times into 15$ rose bouquet and a 5$ hallmark card. 🙂 (Smiley is a must here or it could start another argument).

Disappointments have their own place in life, but when you have a life partner like Pallavi those short spans will go away pretty soon and success comes shining. With smiles and excitement on horizon, all sorrows and problems look small, when I am in the arms of my life partner, Pallavi.

Even though i kid a lot, i know in my heart that the I got the better part of the bargain…and i am gonna make the most of it. Looking forward to many more years to come…to enjoy the same love, laughter, faith, trust, excitement, surprises, fun, smiles, togetherness, warmth and above all – marriage!

Many many happy returns of the day Pallavi! Happy anniversary; Wish you all the love in the world – Happy valentine’s day!

1 thought on “Half A Decade. And Still Counting.

  1. Mohammad Asaf says:

    Congrads you two! Many happy returns of the day! Sometimes its the fights that bring us together stronger at the end of the day or the next day or next week 🙂

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