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Ek aur Ek Gyara…mere Yaara!

It may seem like a Govinda movie title, but the movie has been more of a SRK type. It has been a romantic comedy thriller. Well, I am not talking about a movie that I watched over the weekend.

I am talking about the movie of my lifetime. The life of my movie…and the one and only wife of my lifetime. Today, we complete 11 years of fun filled marriage.

A life that has been a roller coaster with Pallavi. It has been fun mostly, sad at times, thrilling on occasions and comedy almost every other day…but overall, its been what they say truly  1+1 = 11…Ek aur Ek Gyara.

One person alone can not do anything in this world, let alone make life fun and living remarkable. With my other 1, that is Pallavi, I’ve been able to do it. She is an amazing friend, an equally wonderful wife, an excellent partner in crime, a loving mom to the kids!!

Pallavi has always been there for me, whenever I needed her. Infact sometimes I wasn’t there when she needed me…and those have been the Thrilling moments, if you were wondering 🙂

Happy Anniversary!
Happy Anniversary!

What you need in a life partner is someone who’ll keep you honest; someone who’ll show you what you can do and can not do; Someone who’ll cheer you, help you, support you and most importantly, Love you unconditionally.

Pallavi is all that except the “unconditionally” part; I am not kidding. She does all that so very well with just one condition – I should try to do all that even better. She has been trying for last 11 years, but I am not a quick learner. I have my own share of mistakes – those are the comedy days. I hurt her sometimes, which make for the sad times of our movie…but then again, we don’t keep that part long and get right into a situational song and turn around the movie into a fun one!

I know this 1+1 partnership will continue to be one that we’ll remember as a blockbuster and celebrate at each award function. But in this movie, for this year, the award for Best Supporting Role, Best Mom, Best Wife, Best Bahu and the Best Friend goes to Pallavi!

Love you Pallavi, and wishing you all the happiness life can bring….a happy Anniversary!


P.S. > Happy Anniversary Mom….from Aahan and Aayra!



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