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Cowgirl, Princess, Precious – Aayra turns 4

One thing that flies fast and there is no way for you to stop or catch it, is time. I remember coming to this page and writing about the arrival of Aayra as if it was yesterday. I can’t believe its been 4 years today!

Aayra grew faster than i imagined, or planned for. She is a blessing. She is fun to have around, stress reliever, happy go lucky girl with an attitude!

Sometimes, she is a cowgirl; someday she is a princess; Some day she is just herself. – sweet, precious, funny and happy Aayra!

Today, I wish her a Happy Birthday, and wish many more to come. As she turns 4, a quick stroll down the memory lane to relive the special moments that makes my life, our life, more beautiful.

I still remember the day I held her in my arms for the first time. It was indeed a bundle of joy, and is till date. She had a head full of hair when she was born. I still have to fight with Pallavi when it comes to cutting Aayra’s hair.

Aayra is very different in her ways. She is calm. She is a quick learner. She is a head turner of sorts. Very different from her brother, who is shy.

She is always talking to people, sharing stories and spreading smiles!

Aayra can relieve stress of a long day with just one smile.

I don’t have too many words to write for her, because its just difficult for me to put a pen to paper and let me emotions flow, but I can certainly say that these past 4 years with Aayra have been a blessing. Specially that i’ve been able to spend more and more time with her, it all makes life so beautiful.

During this lock down period due to COVID19, she has been very resilient, understanding and patient. She has never complained, and making the best use of the time we spend together. I cherish every moment with Aayra, Aahan and Pallavi.

Aayra – on this 4th birthday, I wish you lots of happiness, lots of love and a wish from the bottom of my heart – you will be the light for many, you’ll be an inspiration for many, you’ll have a special place in this world! If you can do what you do at 4, imagine what you’ll do when the whole world is yours!! Love you..

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