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Where was I for last 2 years?

Does Silent mean that you are busy?

Its a question to myself. Does being silent means that you are busy, doing something thats more important than someone expecting you to say something?

The reason I ask this question is because of this – as you may have noticed that i haven’t written a single post for long time. I’ve been silent on my blog. Does this mean that i’ve been busy? Does that mean i’ve been doing something that was more important that sharing on my blog or writing something for my visitors?

When Aahan was born, and i posted some of his pictures on the blog, one of my colleague at Brocade said that she used to take pictures and post them when their first daughter was born. After that, they didn’t get time to do the same with her other two kids…At that time, I was thinking – “really? how bad could it be. You can always take time out to post a blog post..or share a picture…”

2 years later, today, i reflect on that and think – “really? How good has this been that i forgot to write a single blog post, didn’t get time to do that, but still, i don’t see that i missed something…” reason being, the time spent with Aahan and Pallavi over last 2 year (except work and new role and challenges that came with new roles…) has been terrific! exciting! tiring ;( and at the same time fun.

Even thought i didn’t get chance to post all that Aahan has been doing lately, i tried to keep some of you updated via facebook or glimpses of his mischieves on Youtube videos.

Anyways, long story short..last 2 years have been busy seeing Aahan grow up and start walking, then talking, running, then screaming. Now his favorite past time is copying me, and sometime unknowingly irritate us. He wants to hear the same song again and again. He wants to shut the TV off when he goes to bed – even if we are watching it. He wants me to drink from my cup – i can’t drink from another cup becuase that’s not mine. He wants to be tucked in the blanket, which he will throw away in 30 seconds, then wants to be tucked again…giving me the walking exercise that i don’t want. To make matters worse, people at Clavin Klein have to put the posters of half naked models in their showroom – so Aahan’s question is “why is aunty not wearing t-shirt?” or “is uncle going to take a bath..?” – seriously?

Anyways, all complains apart, if I’ve not written a post and have been silent for long, definetely i was busy doing all the above things that you can imagine are just never ending…

Glad to be able to get back to you folks with some writing..will try to make some more time and keep posting – provided that you keep visiting 🙂 And, provided I keep getting the help from my saviour  – Pallavi. I don’t think i’d have been able to cope with Aahan if it wasn’t for her…Thanks Pal!

Take care! Paryushan Parva ki shubhkaamnayen….and Happy Independence Day India (Aug 15th).

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