Loneliness. Solitude. Enlightenment.

Loneliness is an emotional state in which a person experiences a powerful feeling of emptiness and isolation. Loneliness is a feeling of being cut off, disconnected, and/or alienated from other people.

Solitude means lack of contact with other people.

Enlightenment means being illuminated by acquiring new wisdom or understanding.

You may be wondering what happened? Am i tryin’ to improve my vocab, or just throwing jargon to scare you off my blog. Dont worry. I have no intensions whatsoever, of scaring you. Iwant you to read. Read it all, and share your thoughts on this very big issue.

The issue is – When you are alone, should you be afraid of loneliness and drown yourself into sorrow. Or, should you make use of this solitude to refresh your ideas, your thinking and walk towards enlightenment?
What should you do?

I talk to my friends everyday, and many of them complain of loneliness. Most of them are away from their families; working here for money, career and what not. Even married people are not happy because they are not “settled” yet. They have this fear of getting the life to next level because they are unsure if they want to stay here, or go back home. They are afraid if this is what they want or not. Some are afraid if they would have their jobs long enough. My friends, my dear ones, each of them is scared of something or the other. Me too, at times.

What is the solution? I bet you’d say none. I say, there is one.

As i have always said-“Its all in the mind”. You have to make use of this fear, and use it towards your “enlightenment”. I am not telling you to throw away your laptop and go be a monk. I am telling you to use your ideas for illumination yourself, your life, your friends and people around you. Make your life worthwhile.

If you feel you have nothing to do in the evening and you feel lonely, develop some new good habits. Volunteer! Do something for someone who needs it. For Free! you will have an immense sense of accomplishment, and you’ll have fun. Believe me, its worth it.

You can turn your loneliness into solitude and work towards your enlightenment.

Beware! I am not telling you to stay away from people. I am not telling you to go into solitude for now apparent reason. what i am saying is should be done IF you are feeling loneliness. Why? So that instead of giving you negative energy and negative thoughts – which comes from loneliness, solitude can re-energise you and reconfirm your ability to think, illuminate, design, develop and concieve something better..something new…something, which comes only from a mind which is enlightened.

Tell the Name…Win Some Fame!!

Ok..So its fun time!
Here are a few pictures…and you have to tell me the name of the movies that these pictures are from..its a mix of hindi and english (bollywood and hollywood movies)… total 20 pics…you have to tell at least 7 to be qualified…

I’ll be posting a list of top scorers on my blog..so you have seven days to answer…and if you find it good fun enough, you can press the little mail button and send it to your friends to play…

In the comment put your answers..no need of any sequence..names will be listed in the order of maximum correct answers..so leave your name, location and a oneliner about you..and u can put you yahoo/msn id if u wish….so..Rock and Roll !! All the best!

NOTE: If you do not watch any hindi movies, no probs! Just answer the hollywood ones…and if the picture is not clear to you, click it..it will be maximized…And dont worry if your comment doesn’t display..I will display it after reviewing. 😉

Game On!! All the Best!

Entries so far:
Dil – Nashua, NH : 17 answers – 15 correct

Hitesh – Indore, MP, India : 17 answers – 16 correct

Krishma Singh Stamford, CT : 11 answers – 9 correct

Shivmohan Purohit – London, UK : 14 answers – 13 correct

Atul Bhagat – Lowell, MA : 10 answers – 8 correct

Amit Bhandari – Boston, MA: 14 answers – 13 correct

Right Answers:
From left to right-Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge, Titanic, Dhoom, Jab Pyaar kisise hota hai, Forrest gump, Khamoshi the musical, Runaway Bride, Jumanji, Bluffmaster, SpiderMan2, VeerZaara, You’ve got mail, Sarfarosh, Hum Dil de chuke sanam, Charlie’s Angels, Lae Raho Munnabhai, Kaante, ET, Shrek, Basic Instincts.

Thanks to all of you for all the answers !! Great Job!!

Listen to your heart!

Hi friends, today blog is direct dilse from my friend Shiv. This thought comes from a brave man, a person who understands life, love and relationships. Go ahead…sip it up!

Shivmohan Purohit : smdilse@yahoo.com

There are two ways of living.
1> live life as the destiny decides for u
2> if you cannot, then take initiative and change it according to yourself.

Here is the question, do we know whether we should live according to destiny or need to make effort to change destiny. I felt deeply destiny is what is your heart, it is what you create in your mind, and destiny is not in hand but deep inside your soul. It is what you are. It is what you believe in. I feel, we also bound be law of nature, law of universe, we see dreams and dream really come true, because without that possibilities, nature won’t entice you to see them.
Now you have dreams, dreams by destiny, you saw them, you felt them , now you want to touch them. Isn’t it. Right. So now how ? will they come as you think !??? … here I feel that you make dream true, to realize your destinty. It is where you need to listen heart, find direction, follow them and reach where you belong, where there are your dreams.

It takes a lot, sometimes a lot and sometimes everything. So for me these two ways are linked, because I met my destiny and now to bring destiny in life, I need to take initiative and give shape to destiny, give shape to dreams. It is us who decide. I feel your dreams are only yours, if you have shared dreams then they belongs to all people who share them.
Should we compromise, should we sacrifice… it is you who has power, inspiration and energy to bring all together, in life and love, there is nothing compromise and sacrifice. Let stand up, know what is in your heart, know where you want to go, know what you need to cherish for life. Knowing and going for what is in your heart will create this world what you wish for. Whole universe will spread hands to take you in. It will be you and your love will create a world where destiny and dream will be same. You and your heart will be same. Meet yourself, Meet you dream. Let standup and say what is in heart….

Let say together, let smile together, let enhance the spirit…

by our guest author, and best friend: Shivmohan Purohit.

Sabka Problem Ek Hai!

Its not a new question to me -which i was asked again today. Most of my friends, my colleagues and acquintances have asked this question to me …many times…and as always, i answer them, but I am also confused if that IS the right answer.

Well i know its right. But if that is right for everyone – each of them?

Here is the question:
I have come to US to earn money. But I miss my family too much. What should I do? Should I stay for 1 year and see, or should i ask my manager to release me and send me back? I am not having peace of mind here. I feel bad. I want money, but I love my family.

My question is:
Why do you want money? They would say “For my family”
Then why do you not want to stay and earn it for them? “I dont like being away from them”
Ok, then what stops you from being with them and earn? “There is not enough potential back home”
Cool..Then stay for sometime and then go back. “I am not happy. I dont know what to do”.

If it does sound to you like a conversation you had with someone, sometime, I bet you did. Its the same situation most of the people – specially those on projects in IT industry – are in. They are in Dillemma. For some people there is no middle way. It has to be one way or the another. A few do compromise but to a little extent.

I am not a guru or anything, but i can certainly provide a few pointers that might help….here you go…

First of all…
Find out your correct purpose. You want to earn money for your family? or something else?
Map your goals (If you do not have goals, first make your goals)..ok, so map your goals to your purpose, and prioritize them…
Does it look like this:
1. Being happy.
2. Being with my family.
3. Being rich
4. supporting my family.
5. Building a good career.
6. Roam around the world…etc…

Or like this:
1. Earn lot of money
2. Build my own home for my family.
3. Roam around the world.
and happiness will automatically come along????

If you have the answers similar to first list, goto the website expedia.com, and book the first ticket you can find out for returning back home. If you do not listen to you heart, you can missout of many things you should be enjoying NOW ! like having a weekend picnic with your family..
but if you are in the second list guys, then its a very difficult question for me to answer – Practical or Emotional? Decision is yours. And its a tought one i know.

Third…And the most important part:
Decide, And Dont turn back. Whatever you decide, stick to it, fight for it, and make it happen. Whether you want to go back and fulfill your dreams there, or you want to stay to reach your goals and then go back, remember one thing – “Dont get distracted from why you are here. What did you decide? What is your purpose.” Work for your purpose, and you’ll have urself a life worth remembering, worth living.

After all, its all in the purpose of you life. Ain’t it??

Fourth Dimension!!

Of Life, Love and Software has a fourth dimension now....Laughter !!!

This is a new experiment I am trying to make the life more merrier…let me know if it does sound funny..and if you like it, there is lot to come. Do tell me what you want more here? Watch this video and drop me your views…

Who’s the king? …. or Queen?

As i told you, during our trip to Ocean City, we had this long discussion on who dominates…Man, or Woman. Infact if we talk globally, Men, or Women?

I said Women. Geetanjali bhabhi and Pallavi were adamant, its Men.

Lets see what do you think?

Well, here are my reasons why man is nowhere for criteria of dominance:
1. Man can not speak with woman around.
2. Even if man speaks, he wont be heard. (Not that no one wants to listen to him, but its almost impossible with all the chatter going on).
3. Its always the man who is to blame. (Dont tell me you need an example here)
4. Even with all the facilities and luxuries of science, man is helpless. He can not be happy. (like man has the remote, but cant use it:-))

The reasons why i think Women dominates the world-
1.All wierd things man has ever done are because of women
-like invention of bedsheets, pillow covers, and after-shave.
2.All good things man is NOT able to do is because of women
-like playing chess wid a friend on yahoo messenger, while eating.
3.All woman think the same way.
-“Men are animals. And women are here to change them.”
4.There are always women behind every successful man.

Ok..you are getting the idea..Right?
There are plenty of reasons..tell me whats your reason? After all, is it about the kings, or the queens?? Who rules?
Btw, history is evidence, all the kings who ever lost, were influenced by one or the other woman. So, who dominates?

** Any opinions or ideas expressed above do not have any resemblence with people alive or dead. If it does, its a mere coincidence. And if you still dont believe me, talk to my lawyer.

Concrete, Flowers, Water and Fun !!!

Labor day weekend was really laborous. It was a tiring and relaxing weekend at the same time. It was a fun filled 3 day trip to great places. From Boston to Newyork, From NYC to Washington DC, from DC to Ocean City and Back to Boston! Phew! I am still feeling sleepy.

We started friday afternoon from Boston and reached DC at midnight. Manish was the host, and he is one of the best..he was already there to pick us up and then we were talking till 2 am. Refreshing tea from Bhabhi’s kitchen, and delightful smiles from Ambudhi didn’t let us sleep.

We woke up by 8 am and started planning for the day. The weather was not so good, but we had to make the most of it…so we decided to roam indoors.

Went to the Washington national mall, and visited the US Capitol. This picture you can see here was taken in the center of the road, infront of the capitol. Well if you aren’t aware of the fact, no building in washington can be taller than the capitol. Its the law.

Then some rain shower started, and we planned to visit the botanical gardens. It was a informative and refreshing experience.

Then a spicy treat at chipotle and we slept for 3 hrs. Then comes the most terrifying part. Its common when you are roaming with women. Yeah..you got it right..Shopping!!

So we went to the Tyson’s corner mall and did some shopping. Then visited Jay uncle’s BIG home and returned at midnight. And yes, had some good indian food at the mall. It was delicious.

Next day was trip to Ocean City..and it was a fabulous place. So many things to do but so little time. We again tried to make the most of it and enjoyed the beach, the boardwalk, Pizza and Pasta…and shopping 🙂
We saw
The World War II Memorial at Annapolis, on the way (pic on left).

It was a great trip..funfilled, hilarious, informative and we debated on various topics like “Is the world male or female dominated”. I think its female dominated. What do you think? May be we can discuss this in detail if you want..what say?
Then we discussed “if it is ok to compromise today for a delayed gratification?”. I, again, believe yes, we should. What do you say?

We will keep talking on the above two debates in coming days. Do let me know if you are interested 🙂

Picture from Ocean City Beach.
Geetanjali Bhabhi, Ambudhi, Manish and Pallavi —>