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Loneliness. Solitude. Enlightenment.

Loneliness is an emotional state in which a person experiences a powerful feeling of emptiness and isolation. Loneliness is a feeling of being cut off, disconnected, and/or alienated from other people.

Solitude means lack of contact with other people.

Enlightenment means being illuminated by acquiring new wisdom or understanding.

You may be wondering what happened? Am i tryin’ to improve my vocab, or just throwing jargon to scare you off my blog. Dont worry. I have no intensions whatsoever, of scaring you. Iwant you to read. Read it all, and share your thoughts on this very big issue.

The issue is – When you are alone, should you be afraid of loneliness and drown yourself into sorrow. Or, should you make use of this solitude to refresh your ideas, your thinking and walk towards enlightenment?
What should you do?

I talk to my friends everyday, and many of them complain of loneliness. Most of them are away from their families; working here for money, career and what not. Even married people are not happy because they are not “settled” yet. They have this fear of getting the life to next level because they are unsure if they want to stay here, or go back home. They are afraid if this is what they want or not. Some are afraid if they would have their jobs long enough. My friends, my dear ones, each of them is scared of something or the other. Me too, at times.

What is the solution? I bet you’d say none. I say, there is one.

As i have always said-“Its all in the mind”. You have to make use of this fear, and use it towards your “enlightenment”. I am not telling you to throw away your laptop and go be a monk. I am telling you to use your ideas for illumination yourself, your life, your friends and people around you. Make your life worthwhile.

If you feel you have nothing to do in the evening and you feel lonely, develop some new good habits. Volunteer! Do something for someone who needs it. For Free! you will have an immense sense of accomplishment, and you’ll have fun. Believe me, its worth it.

You can turn your loneliness into solitude and work towards your enlightenment.

Beware! I am not telling you to stay away from people. I am not telling you to go into solitude for now apparent reason. what i am saying is should be done IF you are feeling loneliness. Why? So that instead of giving you negative energy and negative thoughts – which comes from loneliness, solitude can re-energise you and reconfirm your ability to think, illuminate, design, develop and concieve something better..something new…something, which comes only from a mind which is enlightened.

4 thoughts on “Loneliness. Solitude. Enlightenment.

  1. Hi Ashish,
    well there are moments when one actually feels lonely………..n the way you said use those moments to develop sthg or volunteet, whatever……..but then at times one really wants to talk to someone who can understand you……honestly spkg i have written an article half way which talks to some extent on similar lines for my blog……it still has to be posted… doubt i dnt write sthg as beautiful as u….

  2. Hey ..i like this article …and it sure outlines a lot of fear we go through every day…and tell u something ..even knowing that other recognize your fear and don’t treat it like nonsense helps…and just knowing that others are also in same boat helps….great article ..bravo !!

  3. i quite liked ur thoughts except the words the u’v used to define solitude. Indeed it means lack of contact from other people but simultaneously it means connecting to your inner self. So technically u might be right but the words, as i felt, ironically exuded an element of loneliness.

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