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2 thoughts on “Nice One…

  1. An old hindi song goes –
    “…Kudrat ne toh baqshee thi hume ek hi dharti; humne kahin bharat kahin iran banaya. tu hindu banega na musalmaan banega; insaan ki aulaad hai insaan banega.”
    This is what I saw in the slides –
    1. Our homesickness (the idly and the cows on the road, the untidy friends, etc)
    2. Claiming as ‘ours’ the ideas (of Gandhi n APJAK) and monuments (Taj), etc in which we didn’t have any contribution except taking birth in a place which happens to fall on the inner side of a border that politicians drew some 50+ yrs ago.
    Is this patriotism? The education to hate people based on country, religion, language which has neither taught us to love even the perople belonging to our own country, language and religion?
    what is India? We the people.

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