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Aahan’s Welcome Party – Indore, India

Aahan’s welcome party pictures.  

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On The Move!

Life is full of surprises…sometimes you have to take a decision in a snap, and that decision can change your life – your destiny. Even though its hard to get out of your comfort zone, sometimes you have to do it. You may not want to take the risk – but sometimes, you have to. […]

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Shahrukh Khan is on Twitter! @iamsrk

Shahrukh Khan is on T..T…T..Twitter! Finally, our favorite king khan has left his shyness and joined the tweetspot to share his insights, stories and life with his fans. SRK (Shahrukh Khan) has joined twitter on 2nd Jan, after Karan Johar persuaded him. 2 Days and he already has 19,601 followers (as of 9:18 PST, 3rd […]

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Happy New Year!

Dear Friends, Wish you a very happy new year 2010. May this coming year bring you lots of happiness, success and prosperity. Promise yourself to keep your new year resolutions if you have made them…if not, promise yourself not to make one 🙂

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Dr. Sumit Sinha Arrested for Shoplifting

Dr. Sumit Sinha and his wife were arrested for shoplifiting $2500 worth of stuff at Macy’s in Mayfair mall. Here is the video news from CBS: India Shining? Doctor said that The physician told police it was his wife’s idea and that they treated it “like a game.” I do know some other people […]

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Happy Holidays from Google: Send a Free Holiday Card

Email is great, but actual mail card is uniquely heartwarming especially for folks who don’t hear from you as often as they should, simply because they aren’t online. So Google has made it as easy to send snail-mail holiday cards as it is to send email. Gmail now has an online form that you can fill out […]

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Impact of Social Media On Our Society

Impact of Social Media on our lives. How its changing today, and what tomorrow looks like. If you think you know the answer, check this video out and then rethink. Hope you like it.

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Travelocity 2 Days Deal: 50% Off Flight Tickets

This holiday season deal won’t come back- Upto 50% Off sale. Only for 2 Days at Travelocity. Travelocity is offering a 50% Off Instand discount on all domestic flights. Avail this offer today.

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Gmail Offers 20 Gig for 5$ – Almost Free Storage forever?

Google dropped its additional storage prices for upto 20 GB diskspace to 5$ a year. Thats amazing if you have used up most of your current email and Picasa web albums storage limits. It will help you store even more pictures and move all your full resolution Picture collections into the cloud. Hopefully, it will remain […]

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Are You Planning on Buying a Car in India: Carwale Review

So you are Planning to Buy A new or used car in India? If you are one of those who want to do the research for your Car before hand, then you are in the right place. Its good to know what you are buying before you try it, and before you start the negotiating […]

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