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Listen to your heart!

Hi friends, today blog is direct dilse from my friend Shiv. This thought comes from a brave man, a person who understands life, love and relationships. Go ahead…sip it up!

Shivmohan Purohit :

There are two ways of living.
1> live life as the destiny decides for u
2> if you cannot, then take initiative and change it according to yourself.

Here is the question, do we know whether we should live according to destiny or need to make effort to change destiny. I felt deeply destiny is what is your heart, it is what you create in your mind, and destiny is not in hand but deep inside your soul. It is what you are. It is what you believe in. I feel, we also bound be law of nature, law of universe, we see dreams and dream really come true, because without that possibilities, nature won’t entice you to see them.
Now you have dreams, dreams by destiny, you saw them, you felt them , now you want to touch them. Isn’t it. Right. So now how ? will they come as you think !??? … here I feel that you make dream true, to realize your destinty. It is where you need to listen heart, find direction, follow them and reach where you belong, where there are your dreams.

It takes a lot, sometimes a lot and sometimes everything. So for me these two ways are linked, because I met my destiny and now to bring destiny in life, I need to take initiative and give shape to destiny, give shape to dreams. It is us who decide. I feel your dreams are only yours, if you have shared dreams then they belongs to all people who share them.
Should we compromise, should we sacrifice… it is you who has power, inspiration and energy to bring all together, in life and love, there is nothing compromise and sacrifice. Let stand up, know what is in your heart, know where you want to go, know what you need to cherish for life. Knowing and going for what is in your heart will create this world what you wish for. Whole universe will spread hands to take you in. It will be you and your love will create a world where destiny and dream will be same. You and your heart will be same. Meet yourself, Meet you dream. Let standup and say what is in heart….

Let say together, let smile together, let enhance the spirit…

by our guest author, and best friend: Shivmohan Purohit.

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