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Who’s the king? …. or Queen?

As i told you, during our trip to Ocean City, we had this long discussion on who dominates…Man, or Woman. Infact if we talk globally, Men, or Women?

I said Women. Geetanjali bhabhi and Pallavi were adamant, its Men.

Lets see what do you think?

Well, here are my reasons why man is nowhere for criteria of dominance:
1. Man can not speak with woman around.
2. Even if man speaks, he wont be heard. (Not that no one wants to listen to him, but its almost impossible with all the chatter going on).
3. Its always the man who is to blame. (Dont tell me you need an example here)
4. Even with all the facilities and luxuries of science, man is helpless. He can not be happy. (like man has the remote, but cant use it:-))

The reasons why i think Women dominates the world-
1.All wierd things man has ever done are because of women
-like invention of bedsheets, pillow covers, and after-shave.
2.All good things man is NOT able to do is because of women
-like playing chess wid a friend on yahoo messenger, while eating.
3.All woman think the same way.
-“Men are animals. And women are here to change them.”
4.There are always women behind every successful man. are getting the idea..Right?
There are plenty of reasons..tell me whats your reason? After all, is it about the kings, or the queens?? Who rules?
Btw, history is evidence, all the kings who ever lost, were influenced by one or the other woman. So, who dominates?

** Any opinions or ideas expressed above do not have any resemblence with people alive or dead. If it does, its a mere coincidence. And if you still dont believe me, talk to my lawyer.

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