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Is It All About Your Choice?

Having read many books on management, motivation, self-help and success in life; having heard many experts on the same subjects, one thought comes out very strongly. Its all about the choices you make in life.

Choices change the way you live, the progress, the success and even the failures.
Is it really true?

I know making choices – specially the right ones is not easy. But even when you have made a choice, how easy is it to follow through? After you have chosen something and then you find that may be the right (may not be best) choice for you, but its not what people around you want you to choose. What then?

What happens when you choose to stay the way you are, because you seem to be succeeding so far – but then its your perspective. What if someone else has a different opinion about your choice.

Isn’t it important to see those important views, and choices that others have made for you? Sometimes the choices you make not only affect your life but the life of others. If your choices can affect someone else’s life, should you ask their view about those choices?

what if they don’t want you to choose it? what if it makes a lot of sense to you but its foolish for them? what if?

Sometimes, you just have to stop all that is incoming and go on a diet. Better yet, go on fasting until you can clear all that is negative inside, and nothing more negative comes in. Then, when you have a positive outlook, when you are ready to think again rationally with sensibility and responsibility, you should weigh in all those choices.

I am going on a fast today….so that i can prepare myself to make some better choices for myself, and those whom i affect a lot. May be, i’ll have some sanity in making those choices that make decision happen; decisions that change the destiny.

in search of destiny…and the right choices..

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