Igloo ROI Case Study on Oracle

Here is a first glance at the ROI case study for the work that we’ve been doing at Igloo for last 1-2 years. Igloo is on track for a 169% return on Oracle Investment… JASS – Oracle Igloo ROI Case Study

iPhone Apps Development: Affordable Quality

If you are looking for an iPhone App development for your company, small business or a new-startup, look no further. We can help you develop your concept into a working iPhone app in a matter of days. Depending on the complexity of […]

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Are You Satisfied with your job?

Yesterday i went to the DMV for my drivers license examination. This was my 3rd time in DMV. I saw the same person at the reception, handing over numbers to people in the queue. What was his job? To ask every person […]

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Send Gifts to India via Indore 360

I came across this great site, and tried there service 2 times. Its amazing!! we delivered birthday cake at 12 am in the night, and it reached there, on time, FRESH! Indore 360 Gifts Portal is a great site to send gifts […]

Acrobat – Share, Chat, Discuss and Enjoy!

Adobe has once again done it! Acrobat.com – An ensemble of multiple tools for the workplace – and personal use too – is a sharing and connecting platform for everyone. Using Acrobat Buzzword, you can create documents, share files with friends to […]

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SaaS, HCM, Dave Duffield and WorkDay!

This is going to be a long post, as you would have imagined from the title itself. Well this is all about life, love and software. Today i am going to talk about Life, and Software- As a service. Dave Duffield is […]

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