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Igloo ROI Case Study on Oracle

Here is a first glance at the ROI case study for the work that we’ve been doing at Igloo for last 1-2 years. Igloo is on track for a 169% return on Oracle Investment… JASS – Oracle Igloo ROI Case Study

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iPhone Apps Development: Affordable Quality

If you are looking for an iPhone App development for your company, small business or a new-startup, look no further. We can help you develop your concept into a working iPhone app in a matter of days. Depending on the complexity of your product, ofcourse. A team of qualified professionals will develop, test and distribute […]

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Are You Satisfied with your job?

Yesterday i went to the DMV for my drivers license examination. This was my 3rd time in DMV. I saw the same person at the reception, handing over numbers to people in the queue. What was his job? To ask every person why there are at DMV today, give them the appropriate form, and a […]

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Send Gifts to India via Indore 360

I came across this great site, and tried there service 2 times. Its amazing!! we delivered birthday cake at 12 am in the night, and it reached there, on time, FRESH! Indore 360 Gifts Portal is a great site to send gifts to anywhere in India. Its quick, easy and 24×7 services to anywhere in […]

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Acrobat – Share, Chat, Discuss and Enjoy!

Adobe has once again done it! – An ensemble of multiple tools for the workplace – and personal use too – is a sharing and connecting platform for everyone. Using Acrobat Buzzword, you can create documents, share files with friends to work on the same document together. Connect Now is the Adobe’s answer to […]

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SaaS, HCM, Dave Duffield and WorkDay!

This is going to be a long post, as you would have imagined from the title itself. Well this is all about life, love and software. Today i am going to talk about Life, and Software- As a service. Dave Duffield is the name most of us can never forget. He is one of the […]

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