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Are You Satisfied with your job?

Yesterday i went to the DMV for my drivers license examination.

This was my 3rd time in DMV. I saw the same person at the reception, handing over numbers to people in the queue. What was his job? To ask every person why there are at DMV today, give them the appropriate form, and a number to wait. Then, onto the next person.

Watching him do this very religiously, i couldn’t help but wonder – Is he satisfied with his job? I mean, if i ask you to stand/sit at a place from 8 to 5 with occasional breaks, and hand over some forms to every other smiling or whining face you see…would you do it? for money? for what?

Personally, i wouldn’t do it. Sometimes in my current job also i get this overwhelming feeling of unsatisfaction. It doesn’t last long because i keep rationalizing on how important this is for me, my career and my family. And probably, me too, is wrong. But the question is not whether we are wrong or right, the question is: Are we satisfied?

What would satisfy you in your job? Good work? Good team? Good Money? Goodwill or Good benefits package?

Everyone has a reason to do something. Some reasons are valid, some are just nothing but rationalization. I guess i have had few of both. What Have you had ?

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