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Is 1 Lac nothing today?

Yesterday while having our lunch in the cafeteria, we were just chatting. One of the friends said “now a days 1 lac is nothing. It has no value” (1 lac is 100,000)

I didn’t say anything but wondered. Still wondering, if 1 lac is really nothing? Ask them who have 10000 Rs. annual salary. Ask those who have 1 dress to wear at home and one for office.

For few of us, who have a four wheeler to drive, McD to eat and PVRs to watch movies, 1 lac is nothing. We have a closet full of clothes that adds to more that a lac. May be we have a wardrobe of thouands of rs. that we haven’t looked at in years, any may not wear it anymore.

But, is 1 lac nothing for those who have 4 kids, 1 wife and aging mother who has TB and cant talk for 2 mins without coughing? What about the kid who is staring at you from the shining window glass of your brand new Ford Ikon on which you negotiated a great deal to save 10000 Rs. Is 1 lac nothing for him? For 1 lac Rs. he can get a whole life of good education instead of staring at you while you are swearing at him, the traffic, indian government and the poverty.

Tell me, is really 1 lac nothing now a days?

4 thoughts on “Is 1 Lac nothing today?

  1. Well, I am sure the guy who said 1 lakh is nothing wont give a penny to a needy person if asked. It is just that some people like to boast on what they have…they wont do anything good with the money they have but keep wanting more and more. I’d pity that person give a smile, leave them with their small isolated world and will move on….

  2. It is always good to think about the unfortunate people once in a while.At least the blessed one will realise and appreciate the value of the life they have.

    But,actually i didn’t get the very objective of this post.
    Was it to show our generation is greedy?
    was it to make aware the social inequlaity of our republic?
    was it to show once on hipocracy not having the courage to correct him?
    was it to show our generation is narrow minded and self centric ?

    Any way you can’t donate money to a needy and solve this problems

    But We need to support the inclusive growth .We need to be happy when we pay taxes.
    We should be happy doing things and obeying the law of our land.
    we should give preference to our fundmental duties than our rights..

    “Ask what you can do for your country before what country can do for you”..Bill Cinton ji..if i rem..

    So the real menance is the growing social inequality in the offering.
    and that is growing double at the rate of sensex .And that too when the oppurtunities are not evently distributed in the society

    our soverign socialist democratic republic has forgot about socialism when we decided to embrace LPG(liberalisation,privati and globalization)

    If we are not able to correct it,
    This will some day destablise our social structure .

    The one who stares out of the car having his dog drinking milk in back seat has to be aware that the majority ,he look at contmpt in the street will take over everything he saved for his generation to come (no powerful state apparatus can protect him)when the call of hunger and unity of the poor happen..

    No nation,no society can exist with this much economic disparity when for thousands 1 lakh is nothing and for millions that same money is there earning for life time.

    Good thoughts ..keep writing

  3. I feel that the first comment from Tanvi is well said… Something strange but this is the way a few people think… Reason behind such thinking might be earning much money in short span or raise of economy… A few days back I read one article in a magazine and found that one fellow who is working in IT industry has all things to make a lavish life but it was on the grounds on loan and credit cards…. this is how a few people live their life and spend money… But I feel 1lkh is still a BIG amount…

  4. It isn’t about the money or the amount. I am an engineer who is spending his vacations in a remote place in Bihar, where my father is an IAS and posted as a senior official. We have a huge bunglow, several official cars, and just the other day when I visited a temple in a village with my Dad, people from villages in hundreds came to meet him, treating him like a king, almost godly, which was shocking.Which reminds be that India is still a feudal country. And the huge disparity between the haves and the have nots was shocking, I was almost disturbed for a few hours. You’re talking bout 1 lac? People in those villages marry off their daughters for Rs. 300!

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