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Are You Content?

I was chatting with Shiv today, and he mentioned the word “Content”. We were talking about a guy both of us know, who is not content. He is happy,not content.

Are you content. Is anyone of us content?

lets go back to the basics. What makes us content? What makes a life fulfilled? What is it that can make a person feel satisfied.

For me, its different. For you its different. But there are a few things that are commong among us. That is love, sense-of-accomplishment, realization-of-dreams and achieving success.

Please do correct me if i am wrong, but i believe, these are a few things that drive your happiness and satisfaction. I feel content when i reach a goal i have set for myself. But at the same time, i feel challenged to go set my bars higher and reach antother level. This realization of goals, and a inner drive to reach next goal, is what satisties me. If i am on the track, i feel content. If i am not, i feel discontent.

Someone asked me why do you want to fix goals and run behind them while you miss the fun on the way? I think, for me the fun is to achieve what i want to. For me the fun is to chase my dreams until i finally catch up with them. Ofcourse i miss the fun that life provides me – some times. But its no way equivalent to the fun i have.

Our friend that i am talkin about is not content because he is not able to realize his dreams. Thats what i feel. And once his dreams are fulfilled i bet he’ll be content, happy, and delighted.

2 thoughts on “Are You Content?

  1. Well, I think that the content you are talking about is not going to last long once you achieve what you wanted to. Live up the life moment to moment without planning, accept what life gives at the moment. There will be no reason not to be happy
    – u know me…

  2. I believe life is what you make of it. And if your healthy and have a good job friends and family while dwell on the things you haven’t achieve yet. And if you are so eager to achieve a certain goal write it on a piece of paper and keep that paper in your pocket and every time you reach in your pocket you are reminded of what your goals are so you can feel content with life. I personally am content with life things happen for a reason you either learn from it or you don’t as long as I’m healthy have a roof over my head and my kids and the one’s I love are good then what else is there. Life is good it all depends on how you look at things don’t dwell on what you haven’t achieve. Look at the glass as half full of all the things you have achieved and acomplished in life. And are eager to fill the glass with the goals you set for yourself. Good luck.

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