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SaaS, HCM, Dave Duffield and WorkDay!

This is going to be a long post, as you would have imagined from the title itself. Well this is all about life, love and software. Today i am going to talk about Life, and Software- As a service.

Dave Duffield is the name most of us can never forget. He is one of the innovators who not only disrupted the Client-Server and then Web-based applications world, but now is all set to do the same with SaaS and probably – and more importantly – the ERP world.

I went to the the Workday “Intervention tour” today. And i must said it was Great! Dave, Mike and their team blew away the old ERP concept with the latest – browser based, web 2.0, SaaS WorkDay – The new HCM, Financials and Operations system. Or should i say the new ERP. (More info on

Well in last 3+ years Dave’s team has acquired close to 40 clients – some of them ofcourse his old (Peoplesoft) time friends. The Clientel ranges from small and mid size to large size organizations- which are global, fast paced and varied in their technologies, operations and products. So Workday is ready for a health service provider, a Hi-Tech company and also for a retail fitness company.

Too much about software doesn’t make much sense. Lets talk about the service part. As you know SaaS – or Software as a service – the current model that workday provide is the multi tenancy – so there is no concept of private tenancy like Oracle/Seibel on-Demand provides. Also, as you might have thought SaaS takes away the much hated maintanence, patching, upgrades away from your IT staff. That saves cost? may be.

One of the best features i liked in Workday (compared to Oracle’s HCM) was the holistic view and able to report on anything, act on any object – More technically the Object Oriented approach of the product.

Well, so much to say, but so little time..will keep on updating as i learn more about Workday. Now its time to get back to work 🙂

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