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Acrobat – Share, Chat, Discuss and Enjoy!

Adobe has once again done it! – An ensemble of multiple tools for the workplace – and personal use too – is a sharing and connecting platform for everyone.

Using Acrobat Buzzword, you can create documents, share files with friends to work on the same document together.

Connect Now is the Adobe’s answer to Webex/Goto and similar other vendors. The best part is, This is FREE! So you can share your screen with anyone anywhere, chat with them, share your camera, mic and a whiteboard. Sharing stuff has never been easier!

We did a test ride yesterday, and it was just AWESOME!!

Here are the introduction from Adobe:


“With Adobe® Buzzword® you can create a document from virtually any computer on the web, share it with colleagues, and review and revise it as a team. Buzzword runs from Adobe secure servers, and your documents are stored there, so they are always available on the web.

Buzzword has two views, the Document Organizer and the Editor. Which view you start in depends on how you arrive at Buzzword. If someone sends you an e-mail message with a link to a Buzzword document, clicking the link opens the document in the Editor. Starting Buzzword from opens the Document Organizer. Either way it’s easy to switch from Organizer to Editor, or you can keep both views open at once.”


Adobe® ConnectNow provides you with a secure, personal online meeting room where you can meet and collaborate with others via the web in real time. With ConnectNow, you can share and annotate your computer screen, send chat messages, and communicate using integrated audio. You can also broadcast live video, share files, capture meeting notes, and control an attendee’s computer.

ConnectNow meeting rooms contain display panels called pods, each with its own function. The pods are Screen Sharing, Chat, Shared Notes, Webcam, Files, Whiteboard, and Attendees. As the host, you can customize the size and arrangement of the pods in the room for each meeting.

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