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How to Bankrupt Kohls and Save some Money in the process.


Well, I know you have started reading this because of the interesting Title, and i promise I won’t disappoint you.

How to Bankrupt Kohl’s and Save some Money in the process.

Here is an example of you can be part of making Kohl’s bankrupt, and even save some money for your own shopping in this process. Its pretty simple really, all you need is email addresses. And i know, that too is free to get.

If you Sign-up for Kohl’s Sales Alerts today, they will send you an e-mail that will save you $5 off your next in-store purchase and 10% offyour next purchase! This is even valid on clearance sales.

(Here is the link to signup for KOHL’s coupon:

Well, so back to our plan. If you have an email address – you can use above link to sign up.  For free email address, you can signup at

Within a few days, you will receive a coupon on your mailbox for 5$

Now, if you have recently visited Kohl’s you know that there are many things in clearance and even new arrivals that you can buy for 5$ only. So, if you use this coupon, you get that thing for FREE!

FREE T-Shirt for few minutes of your time is not bad at all. But that is not our goal. Our goal is to save more money’ here goes.

What do you think they will do if you return the Tshirt you just bought? Because you used Kohl’s coupons to buy this, they will give you a gift card (a Store coupon for 5$) when you return it. So, now you have 5$ in FREE MONEY!! Go back to the shopping! Buy that nice dress or that stylish jeans you always wanted to. It comes Free of cost anyways, thanks to the Kohl’s gift cards.

Do you know what you just did? you took a 5$ worth of stuff from Kohls’ without even paying for it. Howz that?

If you can do that 10 times – thats 50$ And i am pretty sure this post is going to be read by atleast 10,000 people – so that makes it what? 500,000 $ worth of FREE STUFF THAT KOHLS IS GIVING AWAY. How soon do you think they can go bankrupt if they keep giving away like this??

Well, it depends. you have to hurry up before someone from Kohl’s actually read this 🙂

* Please do this at your own risk. This approach has not been tested completely. Kohls’ guys, no offence, but this is a real system issue and i am just trying to make people aware of it. Hope you fix it soon 🙂


  1. Go to and signup for a new email account.
  2. Go to and signup for email coupon using that email addresse. Wait for the coupon to arrive.
  3. Once you get the coupon, Go Shopping at your nearest Kohl’s.
  4. After you have bought 5$ worth of free stuff, return it to get 5$ worth of Store credit (gift card.)
  5. Buy something you like for FREE!

And now, tell others you found this great plan to save money, that may Bankrupt Kohl’s in the process.  

(btw, guys..don’t get overworked. Its just a fun way to bring you a money saving tip. No one is going to bankrupt KOHLS that way..i m just kidding. But the fact is, the coupon works. )

Ok, too much kidding. Now some real e-business sense:
Why would someone do this?

I didn’t understand why would Kohls’ give away 5$ coupon on email, when everyone can have many email addresses, and can really misuse the coupon. After digging some more i realized that its not that 5$ that Kohl’s is worried about – its more than that.
Once the customer is in the store they can buy more that just 5$ and even if they don’t atleast they are not going to the competitors store. That makes sense? Doesn’t it?

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