Sach Ka Saamna: A Moment of Truth for Indian Hypocrites?

If you have seen Sach Ka Saamna on Star Plus – you may be having an idea of what i am going to talk about today.
If you have not seen, then atleast take some time out to see it online or on TV and you will be able to get the gist of this post today.

Sach Ka Saaamna is inspired (or copied) from the American Reality TV Game Show “A Moment of Truth”. Directed by Siddharth Basu and hosted by Rajeev Khandelwal, Sach ka saamna presents the participant with 21 personal questions from their life and they have to say nothing but truth. If they tell a lie -which is confirmed by the Polygraph test (lie detector machine) – then they loose all that they have won. If they tell all the truths, they have a chance to win 1 crore Rs.
Its not important what the show is and what are the winnings. Sometimes even its not important who is the participant. Whats more important is are the participants telling truth?
These truth – mostly bitter truths – can create relationship voes that the participant does not expect before coming on the show.
More surprisingly, the facts that have come out in limelight after the show are much more surprising.
I have seen almost all the episode so far- and 80% of the participants agreed that they have cheated on their life partners.

In a county like India and our “indian society” that boasts fidelity, love, personal values and importance of character – how easy it is to find infidels like this?

The show not only brings forward the truth from participants lives, but also the real truth behind the society and confirms that values can not be pushed onto people – it has to come from within.

On the same sach ka saamna show, a participant accepted the fact that he used a fake id of Indian Navy. Another participant accepted to be having contacts with underworld. Yet another lady agreed of using wrong certificates to get a job.

If we take this sample, and use mathematical equations, we will find that more than half of our “hypocritical” society is full of just that – hypocrites. Who know what should not be done, and will lecture everyone to not do that. And then, they will do it themselves because no one’s watching.

A celebrity participant on Sach ka saamna accepted of having physical and sexual relationships with one of his relatives, one of his wife’s friends and even a girl the age of his daughter.
If thats the gist of values that indian culture has been teaching for years – i think its about time we take a final test.

Everyone is a certified “values” man – but are those certificates real or fake?

Project Management Comedy Video

Project Management is very intriguing concept and even more interestingly practiced by “normal” project managers. Here is our comic approach to project management – the musical bollywood style!
A team of us at HCL did this skit for a 2 year celebration of our engagement at Teradyne in Boston. This was very welcomed by the audience, and i hope you will certainly love it too!
The lead role of Antony Gonsalves, our project manager, is played by Ramanesh Venkatarayar, our DBA. Along with him are Venkatesh Nathan, Chris Hatcher, Margaret Rosene, Ananda Rao, Hariharan Ramadoss, Jagan Thota, Fabrice Langlois, Sethurama Giri, Raja Mohanraj, Rajeev Rastogi, Inderjit Sethi, Praveen Saini, Dean John Abraham and others..
the Story of the project management Bollywood Style is simple: There is a Project. There is a PM. There is a Client. and then there is a project team.
The project somehows succeeds with the help of Contractors, consultants, Infrastructre, offshore team and all – and in the end, Support team is still clueless of the project as the documentation is nothing but a blank file.
You’ll also see a flavor of Oracle, SOX, governance and all things  “PM” !


Last but not the least, if you like this video, share it with your friends! Give them a chance to laugh and flex their Project management muscle!

The Cost of telling Truth.

Its funny- and tragic sometimes- how the incidents from your past come back to memory and haunt you.

I was having a discussion with one of my younger cousins and while talking to him, i realized what could be the cost of truth really?

He had recently told a lie and was being punished for the same. I was telling him why is it important to say the truth and be honest.

As i was talking to him, an example from my own life came to mind. When i was in 10th standard, i had a friend names Atul and another names Harish. Both were from a middle class family, and we used to get along very well. Harish used to live with his uncle and was good in his studies. It was almost exam time, and our science practical exam was near.

On the day of the practical exam, something unexpected happened.

We were going back home from school when Harish put his hand inside his school bag, and pulled out a Glass slab. The Glass slab used for the refraction experiment in the lab. That glass slab belonged to the school- it was merely a few bucks worth, nothing more. Harish had stole the glass slab from the lab.

We laughed about it, went home and forgot about it. Until the next week -monday.

Lab incharge knew the glass slab was missing. No one else entered the lab after our class. The slab was there when the exam was going on. So, it had to be one of us.
The only way our lab incharge could find to get the truth out was to frighten us. “You will not get your board exam roll number if you don’t tell me who stole the glass slab”.

We were in a dilemma. One side, our friend. Other side, our roll number – Atleast at that time there was no third side as “what is right” or “truth prevails”. We were probably too young to think of all that.

So, Atul and I decided that we have to tell the teacher what we knew. Otherwise, we won’t get the roll number. And so we did. Thats the truth.

Now, the cost of the truth?
Teacher and Principal called Harish to their office – probably reprimanded him to bring his parents to school.  Harish was not as “Brave” as us to tell the truth. The next we know is Harish ran away. His uncle was not able to find him anywhere. No one knew where he went. Even police could not trace him as far as i remember.

Atul and I were scolded badly by his uncle – “You should have come and told me first, instead of telling the teacher”.

What were we supposed to do? How did we end up being the culprit? What went wrong, where? Its just a bad thing that happened, and our intention was never to do this – but to get our roll number; Which i realized after few years that our teacher would’ve anyways given to us whether we told the truth or not. For us it doesn’t matter – for poor Harish, it does.

Sometimes i wonder, but i don’t have the answer – or may be the “Right” answer. After all, who decides whats wrong and whats right?

How To Book Ads in Any Indian Newspaper: Instantly!

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To Ashish and Neelu: Congratulation!

My friend Ashish got married this monday- to my another friend Neelu. We all used to be together in college during our Masters.

I feel bad that i was not able to join their wedding celebration in India but we do want to congratulate them and send wishes from the bottom of our heart.

Ashish and Neelu were always good friends, but we never knew they could one day turn into a great couple! Well, the day is monday 27th. Its one of the best kept secrets ever. They knew each other for last 7 years, and i guess thats how long their love story has been so far.

Sometimes life is so mysterious. Things are in front of you and you dont even realize how they are. When i met Ashish 3 months back i didn’t know what going on. Even when talking about marriage he was like um, ah, unh. And today, he is married. Life comes at you fast, really.

Sometimes i just sit there and wonder – what have we achieved so far by being so far away from each other? Money? Job? Foreign-Visits? Does that really matter?

Sometimes i just sit there and wonder – was missing my friends and family a reasonable cost to pay for all these things?

There are people in your life who you can forget and nothing will happen. Then there are people who you can never forget – some of my friends including Ashish and Neelu are like that. But then why life is so cruel? Why it takes you away from your friends and family? Why do you have to make choices? Why?

I would love to know your answers because if i had answers to these questions, i wouldn’t be here writing about them. Anyways, thanks to Ashish and Neelu for getting married and reminding me of all these things that i always try to forget but i know that i never would…

Tomorrow Never Dies

I am not in the mood of action if you think that by looking at the James Bond title for this post.

I am in the mood of some soul searching. We live in today. But we are always worried about tomorrow. Isn’t it?

Why are we worried about tomorrow? Or, if not worried, why are we skeptical about tomorrow? Why can’t we be certain about somethings?

Well i was talking to my friend JD yesterday, and while talking the subject came up on how a few year back, we had no idea where we will end up. JD was studying in Mumbai and had no interest in coming to US. Well, all of his friends were preparing for GRE and his uncle wanted him to do so, so he did, and then he came to US for studies and life changed.

Me, i had no plans for anything. Everything sort of happened on its own. Whatever may be the case, i was moving ahead in life with luck or work..but it has been all good so far. But tomorrow is eternal. It has to come. It will come. Then why are we afraid of tomorrow? Whatever has to happen will happend then why are we so much skeptical? Lets be certain for a while.

Lets leave that hope behind and be certain for few minutes. If you are with me, close your eyes (first read completely) and believe in certainity instead of doubt. When you are certain, the whole universe will conspire to bring your certainity to life. If you really want something in your life, it will come to you.

You just have to keep moving, full speed, low speed, no speed – Just dont stop. Keep moving with the certainity in your mind, sparkle in your eyes and smile on your face – whatever the day brings, it will be for the best.

Tomorrow never dies, but it will bring a new hope, a new change, a new CERTAINITY.

Here is a thought that might help:
“Itni Muddat Se Maine Tumhe Paane ki Chahat ki hai, ke Har Jarre Ne Mujhe Tumse milane ki Koshish ki hai!”
Which means…
I have always wanted you so badly, that everything in this world has tried to make you mine.

What do you want so badly?

Hello world!

Welcome to the all new Ashishszone. Earlier what used to be on is now here! I know there have been a long gap and i haven’t shared much on life love and software recently.

WOW!!! Map My India….

I don’t have any other words. While surfing the net, i came across this site. And just never imagined it existed.

Whenever we had discussion with friends abt it, it always seemed useless, and impossible. But now, its there. Its live. Its working..and its just a WOW!!

see it for yourself … Click on the +/- buttons to zoom in/out. You can even search for directions from one city to other and its just amazing!