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1111 Wishes, 1111 Dreams – 1 Life

हजारों ख्वाहिशें ऐसी के हर ख्वाहिश पे दम निकले.. 
These few letters mean nothing if you just hear them as a song or poetry. But they mean a lot if you give it a thought.
A lifetime- few years, actually- and plenty of dreams. Myriads of wishes and hopes and wants that make this life even shorter.
Are those dreams really worth it? Sometimes i think YES! sometimes i think, may be Not.
On this first day of the new year 2011, i am contemplating the same thing again.
There are dreams and ambitions that make you do things you’d have never done before. Dreams give you power, strenght and courage to move forward. But when these dreams become hurdle in keeping peace with life, you wish you hadn’t dreamt.
God has given us in abundance – his love, his support, his blessings. We have everything we could dream of, if we have our health, family and happiness. What else is there to dream of?
Well, materialistically, there is no end. Sky is the limit. But really, what will we make of those materialistic things anyways? If you have a million dollar home, a limited edition sports car, a sparkling diamond jewellery,best designer clothes, world’s finest toys – But you don’t have anyone to share them with – are those dreams really worth it?
Yesterday I saw Aahan stand on his feet for 13 seconds. 13 seconds – and it was worth the happiness of 13 years. It was amazing to see those little feet supporting a little cute baby, smiling, bright eyes, cute gesture – and then he fell down. Just for 13 secs. But in those 13 seconds, the world just stopped. There were no dreams, no wants, no wishes and no worries whatsoever. Those are the moments, worth dreaming of. Those are the seconds worth a lifetime.
I know its a debate – and i know because i have had this debate a thousands times, with myself and others – so i’ll put the counter argument here too.
Even though, life is in all the small sweet moments that we cherish with our loved ones, family and friends, still, the zeal to get somewhere, the need to achieve something and the mere excitement of reaching the next level is all that makes us grow in life. If we don’t have those dreams and wants to shoot for – we are nothing but a rat in a routine rat-race.
Dreams are necessary evil – If you have them you have troubles. If you don’t you have nothing to shoot for. What matter most is a perfect balance, a harmony that will help you enjoy the life to fullest, as well as allow you to go for the best you can be!
Wishing you 1111 happy memories, cherishing dreams and special moments with your loved ones, friends, family and above all – Yourself. If you can make yourself happy, you’ll make the world a happier place to be!
Happy New Year!

1 thought on “1111 Wishes, 1111 Dreams – 1 Life

  1. Hi Ashish,

    I’m so glad to know about Aahan and I’m sure he has sharp witty brains like you when he grows up. I wish I could someday see him.

    Howz you n Pallavi doing? Get in touch if possible amidst your hectic schedule…

    Take care…Cheers…Shachi…

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