Aahan’s India Trip

Here are some pictures from Aahan’s India Trip. In the 3 months that he spent in India, he lost his hair; got his set of first teeth; regrew his hair; started crawling and cruising…Took a train ride from Indore to Mumbai, went to the Chowpati (beach) in Mumbai, drove a car, played video games, celebrated Diwali and Dussera, enjoyed weddings and parties and much more…

What else can i say..pics tell it all:

At the wedding

Aahan at Sonu’s engagement

Aahan at the Dewas Dhaba

Aahan with his mom, Amit Uncle, Priya Aunt, GrandPa and kids

Aahan's welcome Party

Aahan's Welcome Party

December 25, 2010   Posted in: Family

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