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To Ashish and Neelu: Congratulation!

My friend Ashish got married this monday- to my another friend Neelu. We all used to be together in college during our Masters.

I feel bad that i was not able to join their wedding celebration in India but we do want to congratulate them and send wishes from the bottom of our heart.

Ashish and Neelu were always good friends, but we never knew they could one day turn into a great couple! Well, the day is monday 27th. Its one of the best kept secrets ever. They knew each other for last 7 years, and i guess thats how long their love story has been so far.

Sometimes life is so mysterious. Things are in front of you and you dont even realize how they are. When i met Ashish 3 months back i didn’t know what going on. Even when talking about marriage he was like um, ah, unh. And today, he is married. Life comes at you fast, really.

Sometimes i just sit there and wonder – what have we achieved so far by being so far away from each other? Money? Job? Foreign-Visits? Does that really matter?

Sometimes i just sit there and wonder – was missing my friends and family a reasonable cost to pay for all these things?

There are people in your life who you can forget and nothing will happen. Then there are people who you can never forget – some of my friends including Ashish and Neelu are like that. But then why life is so cruel? Why it takes you away from your friends and family? Why do you have to make choices? Why?

I would love to know your answers because if i had answers to these questions, i wouldn’t be here writing about them. Anyways, thanks to Ashish and Neelu for getting married and reminding me of all these things that i always try to forget but i know that i never would…

1 thought on “To Ashish and Neelu: Congratulation!

  1. Neelu and Ashish says:

    Firstly, Thanks for the heartiest wishes! We appreciate it.

    Secondly “On Life is Cruel Note” : We would say, Life is not cruel, but it definitely tests you. Its not about money or job or foriegn visits…Its about the smiles that we see on familiar faces when we achieve things here…its about the immaterialization of the sacrifices that we have made upon satisfaction of reaching our goals…and its about existing as memories with each others even being continents apart…

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