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Tomorrow Never Dies

I am not in the mood of action if you think that by looking at the James Bond title for this post.

I am in the mood of some soul searching. We live in today. But we are always worried about tomorrow. Isn’t it?

Why are we worried about tomorrow? Or, if not worried, why are we skeptical about tomorrow? Why can’t we be certain about somethings?

Well i was talking to my friend JD yesterday, and while talking the subject came up on how a few year back, we had no idea where we will end up. JD was studying in Mumbai and had no interest in coming to US. Well, all of his friends were preparing for GRE and his uncle wanted him to do so, so he did, and then he came to US for studies and life changed.

Me, i had no plans for anything. Everything sort of happened on its own. Whatever may be the case, i was moving ahead in life with luck or work..but it has been all good so far. But tomorrow is eternal. It has to come. It will come. Then why are we afraid of tomorrow? Whatever has to happen will happend then why are we so much skeptical? Lets be certain for a while.

Lets leave that hope behind and be certain for few minutes. If you are with me, close your eyes (first read completely) and believe in certainity instead of doubt. When you are certain, the whole universe will conspire to bring your certainity to life. If you really want something in your life, it will come to you.

You just have to keep moving, full speed, low speed, no speed – Just dont stop. Keep moving with the certainity in your mind, sparkle in your eyes and smile on your face – whatever the day brings, it will be for the best.

Tomorrow never dies, but it will bring a new hope, a new change, a new CERTAINITY.

Here is a thought that might help:
“Itni Muddat Se Maine Tumhe Paane ki Chahat ki hai, ke Har Jarre Ne Mujhe Tumse milane ki Koshish ki hai!”
Which means…
I have always wanted you so badly, that everything in this world has tried to make you mine.

What do you want so badly?

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