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WOW!! What a weekend!

Dec 2, 3, 2006. It was a great weekend! A weekend i’ll always remember. A weekend that was worth millions and billion of dollar, and i am sure i’ll make it worth it.

It was the real estate and wealth expo at the Boston Convention center. And guess who was there? Tony Robbins, Robert “richdad” Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, George Foreman…Unbelievable!!

I never had in mind what i got from there. I was sure that Tony would be amazing..but infact, everyone else was wonderful too. I regret that Pallavi was not able to attend Tony’s session, and i feel bad for 4 of my friends, whom i asked to join, but they did not come with me. They dont know what they missed!!

For those of you who dont know, Anthony Robbins ( is the author of bestseller – Awaken the Giant Within. He is a motivator, a coach, world’s #1 Peak Performance Trainer. He is the best! and the Brightest…his 3 hr. session was full of energy, enthusiasm, creativity and fun. It was AWESOME!! Well, i dont just want to blab abt it, but also would love to share his 5 secrets of mastery…
1. Raise Your Standards. Don’t lead a mediocre life. Turn your SHOULDs into your MUSTs.
2. Unleash the limiting beliefs. Break the boundaries.
3. Model the best strategies. Success leaves clues, follow them.
4. Increase your emotional integrity.
5. Give more than you expect to receive. Practice gratitude!

Robert kiyosaki – Richdad – shared his secrets to financial freedom. Here is a link to his gems.

Here i am with Robert, getting a DVD signed from him !! (clicked by pallavi)

And the event came to an end with Donal Trump’s- You are fired!! seminar, which really fired up the person inside many of us. And the good thing is that i went with Pallavi, so it was more fun to be at this event. One very important thing Trump said was “Be a paranoid, love what you do, and above all, Think BIG”. (here is a link to his wisdom)
 Learn from the Master - Donald Trump

Multiple streams, residual income, royalty income are a few words that we hear everyday, but dont want to believe them. They are reality, not joke. If we dont understand this today, we’ll keep toiling 24hrs a day working for someone who dont even care about you. Sometime, someday we have to realize its OUR life and take ownership and accountability towards it.

And btw, if you were wondering where have i been for last many days, i am busy developing an idea for few of my friends. They are planning to start a website for all of the people in the states, and across the world – who are like on a dependent visa, or have to sit at home, wondering how to spend the next day…they have some wonderful ideas, and i would love to know your ideas regarding the same..if any..soon i’ll be posting a link to their site, and who knows, may be i’ll start blogging at their site instead of here!!

5 thoughts on “WOW!! What a weekend!

  1. Hi,
    you are pretty lucky,to hear`these people , rather i can say its all about grabbing the right opportunity!

    sharing of such experience ,is of great help for other’s,like me.

    keep it up,you have a great future ahead.

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