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Ideas. Dreams. Reality.

This happens every weekend. We gather, share our ideas, share our dreams, share our plans to make big efforts to make things work and to do the stuff no one has ever done the way we thought.

Reality- We do this every weekend. Nothing has happened ever. Its always just the ideas, plans and Dreams. In reality, no one takes action to make it happen. We have spent on an average 3 hrs every weekend, multiplied by 10 weekends, thats a 30 hrs..almost a week of work at office, in day dreaming and making plans.

But then again, we realize that these dreams, these plans and these discussions are the ray of hope that our creativity is still alive. That we can take action whenever we want and make things happen. That we, are the best.

Am i just boasting or is it reality? Are we made of the same dough everyone else is or we have some special ingredient? I believe rather than the dough, the more important part is kneeding and cooking. If we are cooked on a sharp flame, kneeded with love and warmth, we can serve anyone.

Service is all that matters, anyway. Thats the purpose of life. To serve others. You cant deserve, if you dont know to serve. Its all about living a life for others, making the most of it.

I am certain we’ll keep having these discussions and these planning. And i am also certain that we will make it happen. Just wait, and watch.

PS: If you are wondering what is this WE all about, its our mastermind group, a group of friends who are destined to make it happen. we just dont know how 🙂

1 thought on “Ideas. Dreams. Reality.

  1. We can achieve something if and only if we concentrate on one thing at a time. Putting your energy in multiple streams will not give you anything in any stream.

    Hope this helps..

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