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Marrying an IT professional?

There are many reasons why not to get married at all. But lets not talk about them, because believe it or not, marriage has its own blessings. So lets talk about how can we make it a wonderful blessing by NOT marrying the wrong person. Or even if we do, how can we make the best of this relationship. Here are my experiences…

Its about being married to someone who is in IT – information technology. Its not too bad, but its not that good either. Well i thought if i could just share my thoughts with some of you who have not yet decided on the kind of guy or gal you want to move in with. Anyways here are my reasons, and my justifications. Your views may differ, and they should. But this is just my two cents..
(For the sake of convinience, i have made it one way talk, abt a IT guy. similar may apply to IT gals.)

Reason 6: A guy in IT has two wives. One his computer, then comes your turn.
Believe it or not, most of the IT guys are obsessed with their gadgets. They don’t want to be disturbed when they are with their laptop – even if they are just playing games. This may be a big problem if you are short tempered because they will never-ever-understand. Beware!

Reason 5: I.T. is demanding. So is relationship. This balance can be tough!
IT jobs and businesses are very demanding. Sometimes 24×7, round the clock pager beeps and messenger popups will bother your goodnight sleeps. If you are ready for that, make sure the guy you are marrying is too. Because for few days it is fine, but then there needs to be balance, otherwise everything falls apart.

Reason 4: You don’t like computers. Do you?
Well this can be a tricky question. You may like it to play games. But my experience is, most of the IT guys would want you to learn new stuff. They will ask you to learn computers etc. etc. “well you are home all day anyways, why don’t you practice……” And that’s the start of a bitter argument.

Reason 3: A minute can be longer than an hour.
Many a times you’ll hear “I’ll be a minute”. But actually, it may be an hour, or even hours. I don’t blame the guys. That’s how IT is. You think you solved the problem. Its going to be all set in a minute. and BOOM! there you are screwed up another piece of code and then they don’t have an idea what went wrong. You may keep waiting in the bedroom and fall asleep while your guy is trying to fix his “code”.

Reason 2: They need LOGIC!
If you try to explain anything emotionally, they need logic. Why do we have to do that? What’s the need for this? Do you think that’s logical? Lets see what could be the outcome…They want to “dry run” all your problems and try to solve them. But you know it, and if you don’t you’ll come to know that most of the relationship problems are not solved by mere logic. It needs more than that, love, emotions, sympathy, empathy and sometimes stupidity. But no logic.

Reason 1: Love is not binary
If you understand the binary, you know there are just two digits, 0 and 1. Love is not 0 and 1. its 1 to 10, its a rainbow of beautiful colors. Its a feeling of ecstasy. With IT guys sometimes it gets very difficult to experience, and feel love. They want to see things in black and white. But love is gray.

I am not saying don’t marry an IT guy. Its a good thing you have a person in your life who is solving the problems of the world using technology, but at the same time, its a challenging relationship if you are not in IT, but your spouse is. Its a fun ride – and you ought to scream on the way. But what the hell, at least you’ll learn how to use MS Office. 🙂

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