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Re. Re. Re. Resolution

NOTE: This is a stale blog.

I woke up today surprised. And what surprised me was the date. Today is 1st Nov 2006. Its already 2007, and i haven’t done anything! 2006 is over. Where’ve i been? what the hell was i thinking when i made my resolutions for 2006…its already gone..and i am still thinking over my resolution list – where to start?

Well when 2006 started, infact way before that, i had planned so much stuff to do but now its over, and nothing done yet. When i sit back and reflect on what i have done all this year, here is what comes to my mind-

1. Created my plan for the year.
2. Biggest thing probably i did in 2006 is “Got married”.
2. Survived the little and big fights with my wife.
3. Switched my job.
4. Started being regular on my blog.
5. Spent too much.
6. lost touch with many of my friends.
7. Saw new movies
8. Saved nothing
9. Created 10 business plans but did not acted on one. And regretted. Then regretted again when i saw someone doing it successfully.
10. wrote this stale blog – which i should have completed on 1st Nov..but i just started and left it. Thats Procrastination!

Now that i have started creating my resolution for year 2007, i wonder should i just take the same page and change the date or…..

Anyways..i have something for you. Starting today..i.e. Nov 3rd, i am going to share people’s resolution on this blog. If you think you have a resolution worth sharing, please comment it here..let others know the good stuff you are doing, inspire them to do the same..and who knows, you may be the next Tony Robbins!! Cheers!!

2 thoughts on “Re. Re. Re. Resolution

  1. Why we need resolutions?
    if one has why need to make it public?
    What is achevment?what all have we acheved till now?
    what else we want to acheve?
    how we judge a achevemntto say it us ahevement?
    is our rsolution depends on 100 other things to progress than our commitment?

    Qustions?but aswers will suerly doesn’t pour water on fire in each one of us…
    All the best…

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