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Flexible..are you?

You must be wondering why my blogging frequency has reduced. well many reasons. Our project has started full blown and lot of work. Infact, for those who know me surprising news is i spent 10+ hrs in office in last few days. news! isn’t it?

well i m not like those with a mindset of 9 to 5 as such, but more from a performance perspective. if u reach office on time, finish your work on time, then you ought to get out on time. am i right? you tell me.

agreed to all the managerial stuff that its a competitive world. business is global now..we have to work 24 hrs a day. All is worth as long as there really is work for 24 hrs. Dont we all know that most of the 1 hr meetings we spend our days with are just 15 mins of work and rest all timepass. Dont we know that just because we know we have to stay in the office till 6-7 pm, we take the liberty to pay our bills in office time and have a “brief” chat with the friends on phone? Dont we all agree that there is life beyond 9 to 5?

Well i know some of you may not agree to what i am saying about, but the fact is – This is the wave of the future. What Maverick – SEMCo organization of brazil – has done that already and many are on the way. A report which came 2 months ago suggested that the no. 1 reason people quit there job is not money, but people they work for. Money is not second reason either. Second top reason why people quit is – Flexibility. Actually, lack of flexibility. With increasing stress and pressure in life, all of us want to spend some quality time with family, friends and ourselves. If the job is not flexible to support that emotional need, people will quit. Thats obvious. Money is the fourth important reason after the third- “challenging job”.

Dont know what all i wrote in the flow of thoughts, may be its disconnected, may be not complete. But what i wanted to say was, time is money. time is performance. time is everything. If you can make time for yourself, your family, your friends and have balance with your work too, you are doing great!

Please share your thoughts and insight, as always.

1 thought on “Flexible..are you?

  1. Quite agree with your views. But when there’s time constraint, you should have your priorities clearly etched out too.As for flexibility, methinks, it decreases with passage of time and increase of responsibities.After all, we are humans, and can’t mechanically perform consistently,keeping emotional stress at bay.Of course, flexibility quotient matters..when you are are flexible..have to be!!!!but gradually,i think the quotient strts decreasing.

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